Fab 50s wallpaper (and more!)

I've seen a few posts on the Festival of Britain exhibition at London's Southbank Centre. (It's part of a four-month celebration of the 1951 Festival.) A few people have commented on the wallpaper and fabrics in one of the displays on other blogs. It's by Sanderson! Their '50s Wallpaper' and '50s Fabrics' collections are on sale now.

One thing to be aware of with Sanderson is that many of their designs are very large in scale and probably best suited to large rooms. They released a collection called 'Vintage' to celebrate their 150th anniversary and I had thought of getting some of the 1930s 'Swallows' fabric for making dining room curtains, but I have only a little two-up, two-down house and when I saw it I realised the pattern wouldn't have worked in tiny rooms.


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