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I'm guestblogging on Retro Chick today, so I thought I'd do an introductory post on this blog in case anyone finds that post interesting and comes here. (Yeah, right...)

I'm Mim. Crinoline Robot is about all the things I find interesting, and some of the things I do, that also come under the headings 'vintage', 'retro-futuristic' and 'alternate reality'. That covers quite a lot. Knitting from vintage patterns. Silent movies. Steampunk. Tales of derring-do. Old perfume. I doubt anyone has exactly the same mix of interests, 'cos we are all unique and marvellous human beings. You may be a purist with regards to decade, refusing to look at anything post-1959, you may hate those papery book things and be thinking 'TAKE ME TO THE CLOTHES!', you may hate clothes and be longing for films. Because of that, all my entries are tagged. I try to tag with decade as well as subject so it's easy to get to all posts about a particular decade as well as individual subjects, and most of my posts have fairly obvious titles so you can browse through the archive click-down thingy on the right of the page easily. In short, have a look around, you should be able to find anything you might like pretty easily.

If you have come from Retro Chick, I've put some tags at the bottom of this post to get you started. 'Forgotten Bombshells' will take you to two posts, one on Chili Bouchier, the first British cinematic sex symbol, and one on Sabrina, the 41.5-19-36 beauty who wowed 1950s Britain. 'Icons' will take you to my style icons, from Morticia Addams to Myrna Loy. 'Clothing' is pretty obvious!

So, o hai, thanks for visiting, I hope you like the blog. Please have a look in the bar at the right before you go as I have a long list of other blogs I read, and you can click through to the newest posts on some really interesting blogs there.


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