26 June: Bath Vintage and Antiques Fair

The first Bath Vintage and Antiques Fair is on the 26 June. I have no idea what it'll be like, but if you're in the area it sounds worth a look. I'll probably go, although it's unfortunate that they've managed to put it in at the end of the month when everyone (me, for sure) is out of money, and I have a wedding reception to go to that evening. Mr Robot is currently on a quest to find the perfect summer hat, so I might be able to lure him along with the prospect of hat hunting. (And gimbal-hunting, for his portable self-righting hookah. Best not to ask about that one; I am worried he'll set himself on fire if he ever achieves it.)


  1. I have to come along just to see what a 'brantique' is.

  2. Clearly a vintage piece of Brad and Angelina memorabilia!

    Probably something a bit old with a brand on it. Sad sign of the times, really, if people expect their vintage to be branded too.

  3. It is indeed such a shame it's at the end of the month, I would have loved to have a peek around but I'm totally skint!


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