Hat resurgence!

I love weddings! I've been to costly ones, cheap ones, big ones, small ones and they've all been brilliant. Mr Robot has put up with me watching telly all morning to see everyone's outfits at the Royal Wedding, bless him.

Could we see a resurgence of the hat? Oh, I hope so. I am considering knitting a hat for Samantha Cameron as the poor woman appears not to have the money to buy one even for a big occasion. Learn to knit, SamCam, then you will never go short of a titfer again! I did note trends for certain types of woolly hats last winter; I quite fancy a return to the fanciful things of the 1930s, although cloches are probably easiest for everyday wear.

I do not have a particular hat icon, although Audrey Hepburn springs to mind as someone who could really work a hat. (Do you have a favourite wearer of hats?) I have a 1930s book, The Bride's Book, which gives all sorts of information on how to choose clothes. The advice on hats basically boils down to 'Never repeat a bad line'. In other words, if your face is extremely round, no round brims, crowns or turbans, and if your face is long and thin, avoid vertical feathers or high crowns, and opt for a low diagonal brim if possible.

I'm rubbish at doing my hair. Maybe hats are the answer!


  1. Myrna Loy in the Thin Man films is my hat icon. I *adore* Nora's hats. There's even a bit in one of the films where everyone around her is making fun of her crazy hat.


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