Madeira jumper: finished!

Yes, I have finally finished my Madeira jumper from my 1950s book Knit with Norbury. I'm really pleased with it. The yarn I used is quite a pricy one, Sublime Extra Fine Merino 4ply, but I wanted something that would be wearable against skin, and it is extremely comfy. The jumper took a little over five balls which, as I got the yarn in a sale, means it cost about £18.

Because it was designed for a 36in bust and mine's 40in I had to do some resizing, and I think I made it a little too large, so it bunches up at the sides instead of having a nice smooth line. On the other hand, I did manage to get the armholes right even with the extra stitches, and the shoulders are perfect. I'd rather have a bit of bunching at the sides than sorrowful, droopy shoulders.

If I knitted it again, then, I wouldn't add so many extra stitches at the sides, and I'd extend the neck a little as the 'corners' at the top of the plunge neckline were closer to my collarbone than to my neck.

And here's the full shot! I nearly didn't include this one - clearly having my hair scraped back, no lippie and no jewellery is not my best look, but what the hell, you can see the jumper, and Mr R didn't seem in the mood to take pictures so there wasn't hair-faffing time.

Right! I'm off to drink Crabbies and work on my Jersey with a Soft Bow.

EDIT: The company I bought the yarn from have tweeted about the jumper, so I shall tell you all where I got it – I bought my yarn from Deramores. I am a bit of a yarn bargain hunter, and it was on discount, so I pounced!


  1. Lovely jumper - and well done on the resizing!

  2. Looks awesome Mim! Nice job. :-)
    Jen x

  3. This is lovely - such a pretty lace pattern, and Im sure so satisfying to knit. I've no idea how to resize a pattern, but I can appreciate that if you increase one thing, you have to change a load of other things too, so well done getting such a nice fit. Nice to see you too :)

  4. Thanks for the nice comments everyone - and I'd have made sure I got a nicer photo if I'd known @themakingspot would be tweeting about it!

  5. That's lovely and the colour suits you really well :)

  6. Gorgeous jumper! Sorry for the late reply :)


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