My favourite shop has closed

After about 160 years, Duck, Son & Pinker in Bath has closed. I used to love going in to browse the music there, but anywhere with an entire gondola of 20s/30s music was probably never going to attract roaring business, although I'm surprised the musical instrument/ classical CD side of things didn't keep the place open.

I feel sad for the city, because a little piece of its living history has gone, and sad that I can no longer go shopping there for wonderful CDs. (I was planning a trip for rock'n'roll CDs for Mr R's birthday; now I've no idea where to look for them. HMV? Erk!)

If you have an independent shop you love, support and treasure it. The world is becoming an ever blander place…


  1. I spent a fortune there when we first moved to Bath getting my flute serviced, and buying a new case for it. I think I only ever went there for the instruments bit – I think this means we don't have a proper 'music' (instruments) shop at all in Bath any more :-(

  2. There is still an instrument shop, although I don't think it's in the town centre. (Sounds International)


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