Waltz tickets bought!

I am being organised. Mr Robot and I have both our event tickets and accommodation for Waltz on the Wye, I have cheated and mail-ordered a dress for the ball and things are looking good. It's the picture you see here, from Recollections (and I hope they don't mind me using their pic), but I'm having the upper part (bronze in the picture) in an old gold striped silk, and ivory lace and underskirt instead of black.

I'm feeling an tiny, tiny bit guilty for buying a ball dress, but I am going to knit/cobble together all my dayime outfits, I cannot sew clothing, and the dress was on sale, so for about £100 I'm getting a Victorian-style silk dress. It would cost me that much just to get a pattern and enough fabric to make one, and they know what they're doing, whereas I would doubtless have made a pile of costly patchwork bits! Someone on knitters' group Ravelry recommended them. I do worry that the colours I've chosen are slightly weddingy, which didn't occur to me when I placed my order, but if they are at least it will help me shift the dress on eBay when I no longer need it. Hopefully Customs won't sting me too much for import costs...

Now I need to start work on all the other bits I need for the event - I was up until nearly midnight finishing off the last of my work knitting, so now all my time are belong to me!


  1. i think that is a great price, the dress is lovely and you would have thought cost much more. your going to loook fab!Do show..

  2. Don't feel guilty it's gorgeous, it was in the sale and as you say you couldn't make one for less!

    I say well done on a fabulous bargain.

  3. I just had to type in 'FRACK' to post that. I'm sitting here going frack, frack, frack and sounding like a demented crow now. lol

  4. FRACK! Possibly the Father Jack of Crowland.

    Eveningwear is the one thing that stresses me out. I'm fine about being plus-size on all other occasions, but when it comes to partywear I panic. At least with this dress I'll know I'm appropriately dressed. (I hope it fits, I gave them my measurements. Otherwise it's off to Axfords for a waist cincher.)


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