Weekend radio: The Lady in the Lake, The Moonstone

Good stuff on the speakerbox this weekend!

Tomorrow at 2:30 Radio 4 is broadcasting its second Raymond Chandler play, this time an adaptation of The Lady in the Lake. I'm not quite sure how they've arranged their scheduling as Farewell My Lovely, published three years before The Lady in the Lake, is next week's play, but the stories do stand alone so it doesn't matter much.

On Sunday at 3pm there's the final part of Wilkie Collins' Victorian detective story The Moonstone. It's been split into four, and if you've missed the other bits two and three are available (part two for only one more day) on iPlayer. Show Boat is the Classic Serial starting on the 20th of February.


  1. Thank you for sharing this - we don't have a radio, but will try and catch up with the moonstone on iplayer.


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