Revenge of the nerd

I've started building a database for my vintage magazines and patterns. The idea is that it will help me find whatever I'm looking for quickly and easily, whether that's a lady's twin set from the 1950s or a 1930s baby layette or an Audrey-Hepburn style flowerpot hat. I'd thought it would be a quick job, but as I'm including any sort of pattern, be it embroidery, crochet or anything else as well as knitting, it's going to take quite some time.

I'm including size ranges in my database. I think I've got the hang of resizing now, but would still prefer not to deviate from patterns too much as that will reduce the room for errors introduced by me.

One thing I had hoped to do this weekend was make a bag from a pattern in one of my 1940s Stitchcrafts, but I forgot to buy the fabric while in town yesterday. Doh! Maybe some other weekend.


  1. Crikey, you're very organised! But its a very good idea. I love those Stitchcraft magazines though, the models look so chic and even the adverts are a joy to read!

  2. wow, sounds like a lot of work, but hey, it does sound very useful if you do have so much stuff. I'm currently moving so I'm having to find ways to not only transport but carefully store all of my fashion related media, whether paper, cd, books, etc... complete nightmare

  3. It seemed like a great idea until I started it and realised how long it was going to take! The cat decided to colonise the Stitchcraft box this morning and she's not going to like me stealing her 'bedding'.


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