Let the party outfit flailing commence!

A redheaded woman in a navy dress with turquoise and white flowers.
This is one option.
So, like last year I'm off to the Golden Joystick awards. Only this time I've had considerably less notice. I only found out I'm going on Monday, and the awards are on Friday – they're hosted by the company I work for, and I'm essentially filler, in case anyone who's actually someone doesn't show up.

You'd think this would mean just for once I wouldn't get stressed about what to wear, but NO. The dress code is basically 'smart casual, like you'd wear for a Friday night out', which is no help to me because my Friday nights are spent in a pub, and I'm not sure what anyone expects a 45-year-old chubby woman to wear on a Friday night out.

I'd actually bookmarked stuff on Etsy and Ebay in case I got to go, but wasn't going to buy anything till I knew I was definitely going. Monday was too late for me to be certain of getting a delivery, and also too late for me to whip round the charity shops of Trowbridge or run something up on my sewing machine. ARGH. (In case you're wondering I have been round Bath's chazzas but they don't seem to have many size 18 party options. Either my fellow curvanistas don't wear party dresses, or when they finally find one they like they hang onto it for dear life.)

This all means I'm stuck with what's in my wardrobe. I fell off the weight loss wagon a bit after my holiday, and though I'm back on it, there's no way I'll fit into my preferred options (though I'll try them on with my Esbelt cincher just to check). I could wear the same black dress I wore last year, 'cos it's only had two outings. Tempted just to wear the sort of thing I wear for work and some decent jewellery and be done with it, to be honest – I haven't worn my floral jacquard shift dress (second photo) much this year, and it's fairly smart. I've also got a teal tweed shift that I wear loads, but I really like. With a couple of glasses of wine in me I'd probably stop caring that all my workmates have seen it before.

The blue 60s dress at the top of the page is a serious option, as I'm pretty sure it fits nicely – I'll try it on again to make sure. The 60s psychedelic crimplene is a more off-the-wall choice for a work event, and I suspect that would need to work with the cincher to be viable. (If I'd stuck to my calorie counting it or a few others I have stashed would probably be more possible.)

Argh, partywear! I'll fill you in on what I went with at the weekend...


  1. All three of those dresses look amazing on you as does the black beauty you wore last year.
    Have a fantastic night whatever you decide to wear. xxx

  2. I love that top outfit, and I can't really see the middle dress, and the last one is gorgeous - what a pattern!

    I think you should wear something that you feel good in, Mim, screw whether it's one you wear to work or not. Jazz it up with some sparkly jewelry! Funky tights! Groovier than your normal shoes! A good red lippy.

    Please stop beating yourself up about your weight gain (and I mean this with the deepest kindness and caring, and as someone who has struggled with her weight for decades; I also worked professionally as a Weight Watchers leader for 9 years). Try to just set all that inner negative stuff aside for this night, and work with what you've got, body-wise and clothes-wise. Sit down in your outfit too, and make sure you're comfy.

    Good vibes to you and feel fabulous!! I can't wait to see what you wear. Have fun at the awards!

  3. You'll look unique and fabulous. Nice undies, good jewellery and expensive perfume will give you all the sass you need to rock whatever's on top! Enjoy it!


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