[outfit post] A sixties shift dress

Good lord, an actual outfit post!
You can say this for polyester – it doesn't wrinkle much.  I took these photos after a day at the office. I've got another new camera. After losing one on holiday, I got a Lumix at the end of June, and the zoom mechanism broke. It was supposed to zoom 24-75mm but wouldn't go beyond 41mm. Jessops were lovely, and replaced it like for like without any problems. So, here I am, testing out the self-timer. (Observation one: people with this many chins need to raise the camera a bit higher. Oh well...) Anyway, this isn't a camera post, it is an outfit post, though given my minimalist leanings, it's really a dress-and-shoes post.

I bought this dress, by Daroma, from Baboushka last time Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair was in Bath. I went to the fair to say Hi to Vix, and bought a great shirt dress from Kinky Melon, then had a good browse round the other stalls. I loved the print on this one as soon as I saw it. It's big and bold without being gaudy. I also like the way it gets larger towards the bottom of the dress.

I hadn't worn the dress to work before today. It seemed somehow a bit too attention-grabbing. (Yeah, I know. I have managed to convince myself that turning up dressed like an extra from Foyle's War is perfectly unobtrusive, but wearing a 1960s summer dress will make people stare.) However, today was going to be hot and most of my usual dresses are waiting to be ironed, so out this one came. Some people did give me the side-eye as I walked into work, but I keep telling myself that perhaps they were thinking, “I wish I had the guts to wear what I like” rather than, “Why is she dressed like a background from Yellow Submarine?”
Oi, cat, come here and add some glamour to the photos
I didn't accessorise very well; I was running late so went with my black penny loafers and tapestry-fronted bag (a gift from Claire). The loafers were fine, but the bag didn't work at all. I found myself wishing for something in grey or mustard to go with the dress. I didn't bother with jewellery, though if I'd had more time I'd have worn my dark grey pearl drops, but I did have time to squirt on a perfume Mr Robot bought me years ago at the Chelsea flower show, a very sweet rose scent inspired by the perfumes of Elizabethan England.
I don't pose with humans. Now feed me.
I'm really becoming a fan of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, and not just for Kinky Melon. As I've got more into the 1960s look, I'm finding it much easier to pick up pieces I like at the fair, despite being plus size, for about half the price I'd pay online. It's back in Bath in October, and Baboushka will be there. They specialise in Welsh tapestry, and I am really tempted to get myself some of that. I'm not into capes, but a bag, skirt, shift dress or jacket would be super. I still buy most of my vintage on Etsy, but I'll make sure I've got some pennies to hand for the fair this Autumn.


  1. Oh you don't look like you're wearing the background from Yellow Submarine nor any other Peter Max illustrations (not that would be a bad thing anyway).
    You look very summery and tasteful! Big florals can sometimes look a bit like nan's bedroom curtains but that floral's lovely!

    Love my Samsung Galaxy Zoom!

    1. I do love the style of 60s graphics. I'm getting really into 60s florals right now, which will no doubt horrify my husband. Though autumn is coming, so I'll be back in tweed and tartan in a month.

  2. Yes! A proper, full length picture of you! And a corker, at that. I love it and you look great in your dress. I already want more outfit posts, please. I'm quite sure the side eye was admiring. I always check out people I think look interesting. Your expression made me laugh. Ah, the old self-timer. What fun we have with that. I can only see one chin, but I'm sure cameras are programmed to create more. Pussy cats. Bet he was all over you just before that! I always think it's best to buy in person if at all possible, and if it's cheaper, well, makes sense. Xxx

    1. It's a self-timer on a burst, no less. I'm still getting to grips with how this one's set up, but it's not too difficult to use.

      I like seeing interesting people too. So many people dress quite tamely. I guess not everyone can have an interest in clothes.

      Ziggy was wandering around but I couldn't tempt him over. Pippin was rolling around by the fence. They're very good at posing, except for when there is a camera around.

  3. Like Tania, I too would like more outfit posts! The dress is lovely on you, and I'm glad you are discovering the merits of polyester ;-) Ah, Welsh tapistry. I almost bought a handbag when I was in Wales, and now regret that I didn't. It's quite something to get cats to pose, especially with humans ... xxx

  4. Don't you look utterly fabulous? That dress fits you a treat.I bet all the looks you were getting were ones of admiration. Judy's fairs are definitely the best, I've done other "big" fairs but they don't vet the sellers very well and there's always a glut of repro and candles in teacups.
    I'm so useless with the self timer, you look like you're mastering the new camera really well.
    Ziggy is gorgeous, give that belly a tickle from me. xxx

  5. Please can I be next in line for that dress when you get bored with it. As a friend of Vix I'm staking a claim haha.
    Lynn x

  6. Fab dress, lovely colours. Isn't it funny that dressing outside our own norms make us feel that there's a spotlight on us? Sixties suits you to a tee x

  7. I have a pair of mustard brogues that would go perfectly with your dress!

  8. I love the print on this dress, it's so unusual. And I'm sure that's what people were thinking when they looked at you.
    I think Judy's is great too, although not so much for anything form the 30s but I often find a thing or two I like.
    And, as for the Welsh tapestry, I'd love to see you in that. I'm a big fan of it and always have been. I always wanted a pea coat in it but the ones I've come across are either too big or in a colourway I don't like. Can't wait to see what you buy!

  9. Very cute. I love the yellow and your hair us looking fab

  10. Mim you look lovely in that dress. What a glorious design on the fabric. I don't think that it looks very "Yellow Submarine", the colours are to muted and lovely. If you were getting the side-eye then I think it must have been because people were wondering where you got your lovely dress from. Love the kitty pic. So very cute. Xx

  11. I love that dress on you, its great summer wear and looks stylish on. Yeah, I reckon the sidelong glances were of the variety: "I wish I could dress like her!" I know of people who'd love to wear vintage but don't know where to start or are nervous of what other might think.

    I'm thinking of pootling down for Judy's in Bath in October as I'd like some more winter maxi skirts, might even fit in a visit to the fashion museum too.

  12. As sixties florals go, that one's rather tame and perfectly appropriate for most offices. People were probably admiring how pulled-together you look in the hot weather. The colours are great and should be easy to transition into autumn with tights and a cardigan.

    You'll know you've really gone mad for the sixties when you invest in a pair of white go-go boots. You haven't...have you?

  13. You LOVELY lady!
    You look amazing in this dress. It features some great print. Something floral, but not to "loud".
    On the matter of "chin up in pictures" - there's a whole study on how to take selfes. Some say it's the 45 degrees up and not straight toward your face. Something like a half-way between profile and side-shot and high as an arm-reach.
    (we have progressed a LOT, but I don't think that "selfie-study" is the best of our civilization, right?)

    Have a GREAT Sunday, dear.
    My best to Mr.Robot and Ziggy and Pippin (those two got quite famous online)! :)


  14. Great sixties frock. That is one seriously lovely floral print and colour palette. There's just something magical about blue and yellow together, isn't there? No matter the shades, that pairing makes me think of a sunny summer sky.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  15. Don't you look fab! I too would like to see more outfit photos!

    If you think cats ate uncooperative, try bunnies! xx


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