D-Day 70 Years On [radio]

Do you listen to music radio much? I don’t, possibly because the only digital radio we have is in the telly, and Radio 4 Extra is definitely my favourite radio channel. (The Goon Show! Paul Temple! Lord Peter Wimsey! Vintage science fiction! So many other good things!) Anyway, one thing worth pencilling into your radio diary is BBC Radio 2’s forthcoming D-Day 70 Years On, a special Friday Night is Music Night broadcast, on 6 June from 8pm.

There’s a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, with musicians from all branches of the armed forces, the BBC Concert Orchestra, Sir Patrick Stewart (crumpet!) as Sir Winston Churchill (great man, but NOT crumpet!), Katherine Jenkins singing, and songs and stories about D-Day from a wide range of performers. I haven’t seen example titles of pieces they’ll be playing, but it’d be pretty harsh if there were no swing tunes to be heard...

The Royal Albert Hall show is sold out, but the event is being shown as a live broadcast in cinemas all round the UK, and of course you can also hear it live on Radio 2. There’s a special website for D-Day 70 Years On too.


  1. Yes I'd heard about this. I listen to the Mark Kermode/Simon Mayo film review podcast and they had Stewart on this week and he mentioned he was reading Churchill's letters.

  2. Ooh thanks for the heads up sounds very interesting! Oh and I am a sucker for radio 4 extra too, nothing like a bit of Dads Army or Round the Horne to make the working day go a bit faster!

  3. That sounds great, I will be tuning in. I like a bit of Radio 4, especially when knitting.


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