Outfit post: An outfit for Tim Weaver’s book launch

On Thursday I went to my friend Tim Weaver’s book launch. One of the really fab things about my job is that I’ve been able to work with loads of people who are as talented as they are nice. Tim was my editor about a decade ago when I worked on a games magazine; now as well as working in games magazines he’s an established crime novellist. His fourth book, Never Coming Back, is now out, published by Penguin, and it’s been picked up for Richard and Judy’s book club, so if you go anywhere near a WH Smiths for the next few months, you won’t be able to avoid seeing it.

(Incidentally, another of my favourite authors, Christopher Fowler – not a friend, but a writer with an excellent blog – has been selected for the Specsavers Crime Thriller Book Club on ITV3 this autumn, so it's looking like a great season for crime novel fans.)

Anyway, clothes. I thought if he was supplying wine and nibbles and reading from the latest book for our benefit, the least I could do was turn up not looking like an utter scrote. Some shabbiness was guaranteed as I went swimming at lunchtime, which meant I had to wear things that would be easy to get in and out of, but I did my best to polish up before the book launch.

The dress is by Fever, and it’s the ‘Vivienne’ in Ivy from their AW12 collection. (The colour is truer in the first pic; I'm guessing the lights outside the Garrick's Head in Bath threw out the colour in the second one.) I like the style so much I bought an identical one in cobalt blue, though I always worry that that one looks a bit Thatcher-as-air-hostess so the green is definitely my favourite. I currently measure 41-35-43, and this is a size 16. I reckon if your hips are a few inches bigger than mine a size 16 would still fit as I’m lacking in booty and the skirt’s reasonably loose on me, though if your waist is a lot smaller you might also like a belt. I love this style: the v-neck draws people’s eyes up from my fairly shapeless lower half. Buying it was a revelation; I’d always thought that apple-bodied figures like mine couldn’t really wear fitted dresses, but I love how this looks. Fever are high on my go-to list for workwear nowadays.

The brooch was a gift from my workmates when I moved magazines. I’m sure it’s 1960s. I love this brooch. Watching The Hour and seeing Bel’s outfits is what made me buy the green dress in the first place, and the brooch matches perfectly. I The Norvic bag cost me £4 in a charity shop; I’m pretty sure it’s vintage and I’d guess it’s 1960s too, though the label looks later. It’s got that midcentury look, anyway. The jacket is half of my 1970s Edinburgh Woollen Mill suit.

This is the sort of outfit I wear to work. We have no dress code, but it's nice to look smart. It makes going casual at the weekend more enjoyable.

Images courtesy of PP Gettins; he's also blogged about Tim's book launch with more photographs


  1. Love your use of: 'utter scrote' - made me chuckle!

    I think that was an ideal dress choice; I like the style (v-necks are a go-to choice for me too) and the colour. I checked out the Fever website and agree that their dresses look ideal.

    P.S. Fancy meeting up in Bath one Saturday in late Sept/October? I'm not far away, so can easily pootle down the A36.

  2. What a gorgeous dress, I am also going through a green dress phase so I approve wholeheartedly.


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