Friday, 5 July 2013

Scarily good vintage horror

The Mummy is not keen on Egyptologists...
Autumn is the season for horror, and you can’t beat a scary vintage film or novel. The BFI clearly think the same thing as they’ve got a massive season called Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film coming up later this year. Some classic films have been restored and are being shown again in cinemas, there’s a shedload of books and DVDs coming out, and the BFI will be working with festivals and venues around Britain, including Aberystwyth-based horror festival Abertoir  and some National Trust properties, to bring retro shocks to the whole island. I hope some of the films come to one of my local cinemas! (Trowbridge’s shiny new Odeon is due to open in October - perfect Halloween timing, eh? Knowing my luck they’ll be showing something like The Fast and the Furious 73 or Ice Age 27, but I can hope...)

At the NFT there’s going to be a four-month long season of horror films. Lucky Londoners! The event I’d really want to go to is also in London: the whole season is kicking off with Monster Weekend, showings of three films at the British Museum at the end of August. The three include Dracula and The Mummy. (Mmm, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing double feature...) I doubt I’ll make it as it would involve all the usual aggro and expense of trains and hotels, but it does look awfully splendid. If you’re in The Big Smoke while it’s on, it’d be well worth going to.


  1. I do love a creaky old horror film! I cannot get enough of Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price! The four month run sounds fun but even though I can get to London easily, it's far too expensive to see a film unfortunately.

    1. I wish these things would come out to us in the sticks! I'm hoping my local arthouse cinema will show some of the films; they don't usually announce their schedule more than a month in advance so it'll be a while before I know.