What goes with black?

More 1940s tips from Good Housekeeping for you. (And the image is from Stitchcraft September 1948.) Thanks to a gothspent youth, my immediate answer to the question would be MOAR BLACK, but that is not what the ladies of GH had to say on the matter. As ever, begin with the shoes and bag, not the dress.

Leather accessories Black
Costume and coat shades Black
Etceteras (also frock or sweater) Any bright or pastel shade and wines, or black (not browns or navies)
Hat Black (plain or trimmed etcetera colour or matching etcetera)

Leather accessories Black
Costume and coat shades Any bright or pastel shade, and wines, but not browns or navies
Etceteras (also frock or sweater) Matching, or toning, or contrasting with the costume colour (i.e. mid and lighter blue, with wine, green with beetroot) or black
Hat Matching the costume or etcetera, or black

What do you know, MOAR BLACK does indeed go with black! Want to know What goes with brown?


  1. I am very naughty, I put brown with black a lot!I'm mixing up my colours a lot more now but still keep away from citrus tones, as they make me look yucky. I build an outfit based on my shoes, which are dictated by how much walking will be done that day, and our dotty weather!

  2. I love putting red and black together, but also green and tan :)

  3. Moar black is my fave!

    Actually, I like a bit of red or some white/silver too. And I use leopard print as a 'bridge' between brown and black tones in the same outfit (useful for weekends away when I only want to take 1 set of shoes and 1 bag).

    1. I just got a leopard print skirt from Debenhams, haven't been brave enough to wear it yet though! X

  4. Paperdoll, I think some browns DO go with black, especially a fawn or camel tone. I think I build my oufits based on temperature; I work in an office so don't need to worry about the weather or walking, but it can get very cold or hot, so I dress for that.

    Perdita, I have heard leopard print described as the 'New Jersey neutral'. I like it on other people, but it's too exuberant for me to wear myself. I can imagine you really rock it!


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