Secret Tea Party: Vintage Sunday

Last week was Bath In Fashion, and to round things off yesterday was Vintage Sunday. This meant a vintage market at Green Park Station, and a Secret Tea Party alongside it, with Pearl Lowe as special guest. I knew I had to go, and booked my ticket months ago.

Catching the train meant getting into the city early, and a chance to browse round the market. Last time I went to a vintage market at Green Park I really wasn't impressed. Yesterday, however, it was way, waaaaay better. In fact, I was thanking the Gods of Cake for making me a fat lass, otherwise I could have done some serious damage to my bank balance. (Although it has to be said: sellers, would it kill you to put a waist measurement on garments, just to give people an idea of whether the dress they've picked up is even close to their size? I just assume nothing will fit me and ask outright if there's anything plus-size, but it's got to be really annoying for anyone between an 8 and 12.) Like a numpty I've lost her business card, but one lady had the most incredible 1930s chiffon dresses. They're the sort of thing you'd want to have hanging up just to look at the fabric. I've still got the gorgeous patterns drifting round in my head.

The other really pleasing thing was that across the market, prices were good. Yes, you could have spent a couple of hundred on a 30s chiffon gown, and it'd be worth every penny, but you could also spend £5 on a pair of earrings. I got a black bag with a snap clasp for £8, a little more vintage than the cross-body bag I currently use for work, but not so precious that I'll cry when it gets worn out. I also bought some vintage buttons from Jumblejelly, a haberdashers from Bradford-on-Avon that had a stall at the market for the day.

And so on to the tea party! Catherine – Mrs Stokes – has been running these for some time now, and they've become really popular. There were (I think) a couple of hen parties and a birthday party in, as well as people who'd come because they just fancied tea, cake and a Charleston. Quite a few of us were repeat customers, and I met up with Sarah, who I met at the first party I went to, and Missalyz (her blog is Of Cake and Science). Sarah was wearing a stunning silk MaxMara dress from Scarlet Vintage, and Missalyz was wearing a Vivien of Holloway 'Runaround Sue' in the poker print. (That particular style of dress looks better and better every time I see it. Another lady at the event was wearing a VoH 'Peggy Sue' in black strawberry dots, and hers looked fab also.)

Rounding off our table were three more ladies. I've probably mentioned on the blog before that I have trouble with names and faces, and I can remember what they wore, but not their names, despite talking with them for hours! It feels terribly rude, but I'm coming up with a complete blank when I try to remember – if you're reading this and you were one of the ladies, I've got my own husband wrong before now, my memory for people is that bad! So please comment and remind me!

As well as cake, there were Charleston lessons (but not for me, I've knackered my knee) and an exhibition dance from Hoppin' Mad, a talk on vintage clothing and what to look for from the owner of Scarlet Vintage, and Pearl Lowe named the person she felt was the best dressed – a beautiful girl in a scarlet dress with white polka dots, all very 1940s and a well-deserved win.

Brilliant fun!

Vintage buttons on Jumblejelly's stall. Can... not...resist...
Catherine, tea party hostess to the stars, dressed to charleston.
Yours truly, in a turquoise linen late 50s/early 60s dress bought from Flourclothing on Etsy. I love this dress. And you can just see the lady who won the 'best dressed' prize over my shoulder. Next time I will ask people if they mind me taking their photos, but I'm always a bit shy of being so forward!


  1. Looking good, Mim :-D

    I had thought about nipping down to Bath but didn't get round to it in the end. I wish I did now, as it sounds like it would have been just my sort of day.

    P.S. I would like a nose around Pearl Lowe's wardrobe, I bet she has some vintage gems in there.

  2. What a fantastic sounding day. I do wish people WOULD put inch/cm sizing on vintage items, too- and not (pet hate) put all size 10 (for example) whether 80s,70s or 50s all together when the items are completely differently sized!

  3. Sounds like you had a fab time! X

  4. Hiya! I went along to the tea party and was one of the Hen parties! It was my friend Cath's Hen and we had a lovely time!

    Glad you had a good time too :)

  5. Hi rosiehunnam! Glad you had fun, I always enjoy them. I love seeing everyone looking so well-dressed.


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