New 'vintage' yarn

Excelana is go! I've been really excited about Susan Crawford/John Arbon's yarn Excelana since I heard it was in production and now it's available to buy. It's a pure British wool, and Susan has chosen colours suitable for vintage knitwear designs. I'm especially keen to see the 3ply, which will be available later in the year, as it's an unusual weight – usually the options in finer yarns are either acrylics in baby pastels or hand-dyed yarns that aren't quite right for vintage designs.

There's always some debate about where 'green' issues and vintage overlap; I think this yarn will please both groups.

You can see Ingrid Murnane's write-up of the yarn's launch here.


  1. yes, looking forward to getting some, but it won't put a dint in my thrift shop scouting for 3 ply.


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