Marlowe on the BBC

If you love your men tough and your dames tougher, you're going to love what BBC Radio 4 has in store for us this year: Toby Stephens starring as Marlowe throughout the year in dramatisations of all Raymond Chandler's novels. The Beeb did the same thing with John Le Carré's Smiley novels last year, and I did listen to those and thought they were highly successful.

Click here for the schedule so far. Annoyingly there are a few decent-looking things on during work time, but the dramatisations of the novels have been saved for weekends. I wish I were able to listen to the drama this Friday as I watched Double Indemnity a couple of weekends ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Plus it has Patrick Stewart in. Mmm, Patrick Stewart…)


  1. Thanks for this - I shall deffo listen in. Toby Stephens is great! You can always listen to Friday's drama again on i-Player on your laptop at work next week! Many happy ironing hours ahead for me!

  2. I get so frustrated when they serialise things. We listen to Radio 4 in the car, but can't commit to the same time every day.

    I wish they'd podcast them.

  3. Mrs Exeter, I'm on a full-sized Mac at work, so the speakers are rubbish, but I may see if I can download it to my iPod or listen to it on iPlayer at home.

    Retro Chick, when they did The Complete Smiley last year, the episodes were available on iPlayer, although I don't think they were downloadable.


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