Repro china

Can’t afford or find a full set of vintage china? I spotted a couple of things recently that might appeal. Sanderson has released the 1950s-style ‘Dandelion Clocks’ pattern, although the body shapes of the items look quite 21st century to me.

Possibly of more interest, although limited in range, is Royal Albert’s ‘100 Years of Royal Albert’ collection, which includes tea cups, cake plates, cake stands, tea pots, sugar basins and milk jugs. I especially like the 1930 Polka Rose and 1950 Festival designs, but there’s a design taken from each decade. The base shapes, however, are the same. It would have been nice to see a different classic shape for each decade, but I appreciate that that probably would have bumped up the prices of the pieces, plus this way the pieces will probably appeal more to people who like sets of china with different patterns - the trio collectors. (I like things all to look the same, but mix-and-match seems trendy nowadays.)

I do find the Royal Albert pieces very feminine. Afternoon tea is the most feminine of meals, and the items are clearly intended for that rather than eating more substantial meals off, so that may have influenced their choice of florals from most decades rather than a more graphic pattern from the 1930s or 1950s such as Safari. I do wonder if the patterns reflect the modern tea-taker, or whether these patterns would be more likely to have been in most people’s houses than something very on-trend.
I won’t be buying any myself as I have no more room for china, but if you’re as matchy-matchy as me these sets are worth taking a look at.


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