Something steamy for the weekend

Atelier Fabry-Perot: things made of NOM
Just a quickie post this - if you're in the Chepstow area of Wales tomorrow, be sure to drop by the Drill Hall for the first Chepstow Steampunk Market day. It starts at 10am

There should be lots of clothing to buy from a range of manufacturers. Laserists Atelier Fabry-Perot will be there with their wares - they make lovely stuff; Pippin ate a few of their Christmas decorations back in December, but she hasn't trashed the vase engraved with cog-fossils that I got from them. There will be lots of accessories on sale too. Several of the stalls are offering hats, and Skewwers, who I bought my excellent rocketship brooch from, are going to be vending.

All in all, should be great. I won't be able to make it, but if you're in south Wales it would make a fun excursion - and you can dress as vintage as you like without getting funny looks!


  1. I wish I could go and take notes - I think I've already mentioned we're doing a Steampunk themed festival in June. xxx

  2. That sounds like a great event. Steampunk is very popular up here. Any excuse to get dressed up too. Xx

  3. I actually was near Chepstow yesterday!! But had other plans - I was with my Mum and steampunk wouldn't have been her thing. Nice to hear these kind of events are fairly local for me though x


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