Swag from Norfolk

I went back to the flatlands a couple of weeks ago, and these are the things I got while I was there. (You can tell this is a photo I took, I can't take piccies to save my life.)

The important item is the little pink jug. One of the reasons I went back is because my granddad and his second wife both have dementia; she's in hospital and mum has been doing lots of running around after them both, so I wanted her to have some fun. The little pink jug was given to mum by my granddad's wife, and it had belonged to her mum, and I'm pretty sure she'd have been the original owner. 1930s glass jug, four owners since new! Mum gave it to me because she knows how much I love my deco dressing table set, and because she knows the jug will mean a lot to me because of the lady who once owned it.

I picked up the vase at Banham car boot sale. I have a dark green one exactly like it, so I had to have this. I've bought a few vases lately, and have dug out my books on flower arranging by Constance Spry. So far my efforts have been pitiful, but with lovely vases like this I'm sure I'll soon be arranging like a pro. (Right? Right? No, I don't think so either!) Anyway, I'm a sucker for ceramics, and this was £1 so it was a big WIN.


  1. Oh that's lovely. The jug is beautiful, and such a nice story!


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