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The Hour, all six hours of it, is over. I have to say, last night's finale fell a bit flat for me; I was glad to see the ending of Bel and Hector's stupid affair, with Bel actually realising that she'd be stupid to throw everything away for Hector. Given that most telly characters seem prepared to dump everything from their jobs to their families for their TWOO WUV it was nice to see Bel decide that the sex had been good, but life with Hector would not be. Lix pretty much faded out, which was a shame as she was by far the most interesting character in the programme. Freddie's storyline was more or less over last episode.

My prediction for villain of the piece was wrong, and Mr Robot was chuffed because he'd got it right. I didn't like the end conversation between Freddie and the mole. Was that much exposition really needed? I'd rather know why Freddie chose not to run with a potentially explosive story, given that everything we'd seen of his character to that point suggested he would. That out-of-character behaviour probably jarred more than anything. Less exposition from the mole and more exploration of how Freddie made the decision he did would've been better.

On a purely shallow note, I still want Bel's wardrobe. I especially liked her pencil skirt in the opening scenes and that red dress, although she had on a pair of pearl earrings, a modern gold and enamel brooch and (I didn't get a good view of it) what looked like an art nouveau pendant. Not very well matched. Can the BBC budget not stretch to a vintage Corocraft or Miriam Haskell set?! They do come up for sale online.


  1. I can't decide what was wrong with The Hour - the script or poor casting. With the exception of Tim Piggott-Smith's character, Hector and Marni, the others didn't seem to quite inhabit their characters. The women had impossibly 21st century figures, too, and obviously modern foundation garments under the vintage outfits. I gather the women in Madmen weren't allowed to use the gym during filming and the resulting roundness looked more convincing somehow.

  2. Likewise here, something wasn't good about The Hour, though it was entertaining. Seemed like an overambitious script.

  3. I am so pleased that I gave up on this. I just lost interest - but still wanted to know what happened!

  4. I did really enjoy the programme, I just wish that the ending had been more of a thriller. It was so good to see something that wasn't all whizzbangery and explosions. I think there should have been more significance to the unmasking of the mole, really.

  5. I really enjoyed the series, I thought it started slow, but was really good in the end!

    I guessed the mole right, and was very pleased with myself. I thought that Freddy didn't go with the explosive story because he was more focused on the personal story. He'd let that get in the way of his journalistic instinct type thing. Anyway. I liked it :D

  6. Not seen the final ep yet but thought I'd post this


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