Vintage sale, free short story, The Hour

If you're in Bath this weekend, vintage store Vintage To Vogue are having a 'Make me a sensible offer' sale this weekend. If you know your vintage and know what prices items usually retail for, it's a great way to pick up a bargain as you find the thing you want, tell them how much you're prepared to pay for it and see if they like your price.

I don't know how many people who read this blog are into science fiction, but Guy Haley of SFX magazine has his first novel coming out this summer, and one of the characters is a big fan of all things 20th century, the 1930s in particular. To promote the launch of the novel, Guy's put a free short story, The Nemesis Worm, on his blog.

And, in case you thought I'd go a week without mentioning The Hour, you're wrong. Bel and Hector are starting to annoy me because their storyline is so utterly predictable and well-worn. ("We are having an affair! We can't help it!" YAWN.) However, Freddie continues to dig into the mystery surrounding his friend's death, by far the most interesting part of the plot, so there's plenty yo keep me watching. My favourite characters are definitely Lix Storm, played by Anna Chancellor, who has all the charisma and wit Romola Garai seems to lack and also makes a much more convincing journalist, and Marnie Madden, played by Oona Chaplin. In yesterday's episode Marnie really shone as the frustrated 50s wife, making inane comments because women were expected to do such things, watching as her husband went off with another woman who was breaking all the rules Marnie had been brought up with, and trying to pretend nothing was happening. A really brilliant piece of acting, there.


  1. Agreed about Bel and Hector and I wasn't expecting that ending. A shame it's only going for a few more episodes (but I guess if it went on for longer all we'd have likely got is more Bel n' Hec staring at each other).


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