Come and charleston

Yesterday was payday, so I was finally able to get my ticket to Bath's next Secret Tea Party. This one is a little more expensive than the first tea party because not only will there be cake and tea on Mrs Stokes' vintage china and talks, there will be charleston lessons! I had originally planned to learn to Charleston for my 40th birthday, but as that's snowballed into a plan to save up and go to Burgh Island to dance the charleston for my 40th birthday Mr Robot has pointed out that it would be a shame to get there and have to learn on the spot. Much better to go with a head full of charleston knowledge. If you're in the area and fancy filling your head with charleston knowledge too, tickets are still available.

I really love the music of the 1920s, and have quite a few CDs of music from the decade. I must confess, I do want to charleston to one tune not from the decade: the cantina band tune from Star Wars!

Anyway, I can't dither around on t'interweb all day as I am going to see Ute Lemper singing Dietrich songs in an art deco cinema tonight. More on that tomorrow!


  1. Ooh, Mim! I'm very tempted. Jim will be away for the weekend... I have no idea what I would wear. And I'm certain that I would be rubbish at the Charleston, but I'm very tempted to give it a go anyway. Is vintage dress de rigeur?

  2. Nope, you can wear what you like. I'll probably wear a cotton wrap dress as it's easy to move in.

  3. How exciting! Look forward to seeing pics from the tea party. x


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