The Secret Tea Party

This weekend I am going to the Secret Tea Party, hosted by Mrs Stokes. I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm hoping someone can suggest a hairdresser who can sort out my mop. It's a bit long and straggly, and whenever I try pincurls I end up looking like a refugee from Studio 54 – and while the 70s look may be hot next season, it's probably my least favourite decade of the 20th century, style-wise. Anyway, I've never been to this sort of event, so I'm hoping it will be fun and happy with good music.

Working out what to wear has been easy: my new 1938 jumper, plus a pencil skirt, which I will buy this lunchtime, and the nice shoes I bought from Office last month. If only decisions were always this simple!

The cup is one currently on sale on Mrs Stokes' website.


  1. Ok - what about something more defined than pin curls - rollers? you can sleep in the foam ones and they are a sinch to use? Plus - if you use a dab of mousse or hairspray - they should last all day :) Or - what about a faux bang, raised hair at the sides and then a neat bun at the back? Fleur has a great tutorial on her site for the bangs. Easiest thing I have ever done and wear one at least once a week :)
    Outfit sounds divine! I have never heard of a Secret Tea Party - or Mrs Stokes :)

  2. I think Mr R would divorce me if I started wandering around in curlers ;) For now, a bun seems the best option.

    I'm seriously thinking of getting my 1920s bob chopped back in. As long as I can find a hairdresser who can do it (they're usually reluctant to get it short enough, or they want to curl it under like a middle-class mummy 'do) it works really well, and shapes itself.


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