I have been given a Lovely blog Award! Land Girl 198o gave me one a while back, and now I have one each from Lady Cherry Loves and Sailing Over A Cardboard Sea. I'm really pleased people like Crinoline Robot, because it's not pure vintage lifestyle and the odd bit of horror or science fiction will creep in. I just figured if I rambled on into the ether, at least I wouldn't see people's eyes glaze over, unlike when I launch into a lecture on The Goon Show or whatever in person.

I have to nominate 15 people for the award, but I want to nominate people who haven't already got one (otherwise some poor bloggers are going to find themselves scouring t'internet for obscure, un-nominated blogs soon as they've done this so frequently!) So, the winners are:

The Crafty Geek - knitting! Cross stitch! Science fiction!
The Vintage Kitten - English country vintage
Tea and Crumpets - Westcountry vintage and craft
Laughing Yaffle - Indie yarn dyer and all-round arty soul
Dressing Mrs Exeter - inspiring fashion and sewing

That's only five, I know, but these are high-quality blogs. No filler!


  1. Congrats on the other awards - much deserved. I love the serendipity of your blog :)

  2. Grats on the awards! And feel free to launch into a lecture on The Goon Show any time you want!


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