New 1950s-set drama

The BBC has announced that Dominic West has been cast in a new six-art drama set in a newsroom in 1956, the year of the Suez crisis and the start of the Cuban revolution. Looking forward to that.

I very much enjoyed the first episode of Edwardian Farm last night, too. The breed of sheep they had is very cute, and I'm glad they didn't use a chicken to clean the chimney!


  1. Edwardian Farm was very good indeed. Looking forward to further instalments of 1900s farming as winter draws in!

    I understand that the BBC will be bringing back Upstairs Downstairs before the year is out, first as a two-parter and then possibly as a whole new series. Can't wait to see that!

  2. I LOVED Edwardian Farm. I do love the fact he just launched the chook from the roof. And the way she made that floor GLEAM!

  3. Bruce, Upstairs Downstairs is definitely returning - I hope it's more successful than ITV's resurrection of Poldark.

    Landgirl, my husband was appalled when he let the chicken off the roof. I was more appalled at the sheep's head stew.


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