Adventures in the flatlands

I travelled back to Norfolk over the weekend as it was my mum's birthday. Most of the time we were out on the farm, which is an adventure in vintage in itself simply because of the things that have been accumulated over the decades. Mum has milk jugs hanging from her beams, and it's fun trying to guess the dates from the colour schemes and flower patterns. Likewise there are always old books and things about. This time there was a real old treat waiting for me as my godmother has given me her mum's copy of Knit With Norbury, dating from the mid-1950s if the pictures are anything to go by. The interesting thing about the book is that it frequently has one pattern shown using three different stitch patterns, you you can make a lot of knits using one fairly slender volume.

I will have to make more vintage-style Fair Isle berets as mum saw mine and wanted it. Happily there are six patterns in my 1960s leaflet, so I can make her one like mine but not the same.

On her Events page, Retrochick had mentioned a vintage fair at St Andrews Hall in Norwich over the weekend, so we dropped in and it gave Mr Robot a chance to revisit some of his old haunts. I am kicking myself for not buying a dress clip I saw and liked, but did get mum a little dragonfly brooch she wanted. I need to get over not buying things when people are with me. Vintage is my porn; I spend money on it when I'm on my own but not when other people are watching, and there were some handbags I liked too! It was a nice event, and there were some very well-dressed ladies there including one in a pretty Horrockses dress. It's so nice to be in a room full of people not wearing jeans...


  1. Ah, you were in Norwich!

    I went to the vintage fair too, there were some lovely things there, sadly out of my price range a lot of them, but I bought a gorgeous compact.

    I like the sound of the fairisle berets, you should sell them!

  2. Ah I often feel guilty buying thing in front of others too. I always feel I'm going to be accosted for 'wasting' my money!

  3. Retro Chick, I'm mulling over for it. For copyright reasons I couldn't make and sell things from original patterns, but I could make and sell things I've designed myself. Technically anything I do of commercial value is supposed to belong to work (ah, contracts!), but I have colleagues who've published books of knitting patterns through other firms, so I think making hats from my own vintage-inspired patterns would be okay if precedent is anything to go by.


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