Not going out

A tabby cat with a bandage on one front paw.

Especially in Ziggy's case. We don't know how he managed it, but the poor boy managed to get a deep cut all the way down one of his front paw pads. We're terrible worriers when it comes to the cats – if the slightest thing seems wrong, it's in the crate and off to the vet we go – but in this case it was justified as it was quite deep and needed cleaning. We had to keep him in for a fortnight and he wasn't happy, but we let Pippin sneak in and out. Anyway, it's mostly healed now and he's allowed his freedom once again.

Yellow and orange tulips in a planter. The planter is in front of a rough pebble-dashed wall.

On the subject of freedom, we're having our first vaccinations on Thursday. Hoorah! It'll be nice to worry less about the effects of catching covid. We're not going to become social butterflies overnight, though. Careful shopping's one thing, but I'm going to wait till the silly phase of pubs and shops reopening has passed before venturing out for socialising; there seems to be a bit of daftness around. I'm ready to sit in a well-spaced pub garden with table service, but photos of close-together tables at cafes in London – where the South African variant is already on the rise – and stories of long queues for pubs in other cities make me nervous. I do understand why city dwellers are so happy to get out of their flats as I've got friends confined mostly to one room in shared houses and it's been ghastly for them, but none of us want another lockdown.

Dark red tulips and salmon-pink hyacinths in a flower bed in front of a wooden fence.

Still, we're prepared to stay close to home a little longer. Last autumn I went a bit bananas on bulb merchant J Parker's website because I wasn't sure if we'd still be locked down by now, and thought if were couldn't go anywhere, we might as well have a nice garden to enjoy. Now-me is very grateful to past-me, because what seemed like an excessive number of bulbs looks utterly beautiful. 

I had to work a couple of days over the bank holiday, but we did make it to the garden centre. The big one at Lacock seems to have sprouted dinosaurs. Not sure what that's about, but little children who were there with their families seemed to be very excited by them. (And so was I.) We didn't buy very much as it's quite early in the year and not much was available, but it was fun to get out. And for all my grumbling earlier, people were well-spaced and used the sanitiser available.

I also spent a day over Easter working on my sewing project. Yeah, still that beach pyjama-style set. It's taking longer than anticipated because I'm a fiend for nice finishing, all French or flat-felled seams, but it'll be worth it in the end. 

A tall hadrosaur behind a display of potted plants.

Anyway, that's all the news there isn't from Mimland. Here's hoping the vaccine does its stuff and we're all able to have adventures again soon.

A triceratops alongside a display of potted plants.


  1. I'm so excited for you to be getting vaccinated. I completely understand about wanting to re-emerge slowly. No vaccine is 100% and it just seems mad to go crowding into places so soon.
    I LOVE that the vet used an animal print bandage. Sounds like a nasty injury, so glad to hear it is healing well.
    Enjoy that beautiful garden.

    1. We had the Astra Zeneca and both of us felt really rough afterwards - about 36 hours in my case, closer to 48 for Pete. When you have yours, arrange a day off the following day. I had a deadline and had to do an 11-hour stint feeling like hell. But I'm glad we have had it, because even if we do get the virus now, it shouldn't be as bad.

  2. Poor Ziggy! That sounds like a nasty injury although his bandage is very snazzy and really compliments his tiger stripes.
    The crowds outside Primarni and Covidiots we see on the news seem to inhabit a different world to ours. Our little garden centre is really strict about masks and everyone follows the one-way system. I'm very impressed with the dinosaurs at yours!
    Good luck with the jab! xxx

    1. We both got poorly after the vaccine, but it just goes to show how awful the virus would be.

      I've a friend who's shielding - she has numerous health problems - and her family are all 'Wahey, time for a day trip to another city' and she's going bananas. Rightly so! I don't think 'normal' is going to be the way it was for some time.

  3. Your bulb marathon seems to have paid off in spades! The tulips and hyacinths are looking gorgeous. Poor little Ziggy; I'm glad he's healing nicely now but I did like his very smart bandage - what a very trendy boy he is!

    I think you're very wise to take things slowly and after you have had your vaccine you will be better protected. I was in town today and it was exceedingly busy but as they're digging up most of the town centre this doesn't help at all.

    The dinosaurs looked right at home in the garden centre!

    1. Pete said if they had small dinosaurs I could have one, but honestly, what's the point in a small dinosaur? I'll just have to visit them at the garden centre.

  4. Oh poor Ziggy! We're terrible worries when it comes to our cats too, and having to say goodbye to Phoebe so suddenly hasn't helped, so we're keeping a close watch on Bess, the newest member of our family. I'm glad to hear Ziggy's paw is almost healed.
    I'm also glad to hear you'll be having your first vaccinations soon. Jos will have his first on Saturday, but I still have no idea when it'll be my turn.
    I'm rather envious of all your bulbs and now wish I'd planted more. I am, however, compensating by buying lots of perennials! xxx

    1. At the time I thought I was being daft – I did spend a lot of money – but the pleasure we're getting out of them is worth every penny. My own personal Keukenhof!

  5. Glad that Ziggy is better and his leg is almost healed. (No wonder you ran to the vet!)
    Lovely garden pics, these bulbs look lovely!
    And I'd be enthusiastic about these dinosaurs too!, wow!

    1. He's all better now. It's always him. He should have his own slot there, he's always doing something to himself.

      I love my garden! All the colours make me happy.

  6. Oh, Ziggy! I'm so glad he's okay and his paw is better. We always watch our cats carefully to make sure they are okay.

    Hooray for getting your vaccines! I'm sorry you felt rough after - here in Victoria, they are only giving the AZ to people under 55 (which is not me). My husband and I are both registered, but haven't had any word on when we'll get our shots. I'm in no hurry to go into a crowded pub, but I would give anything to have a house party with all my dear friends again.

    I have garden envy! You and all the other folks out there who put in all the work last year are getting paid off with all these gorgeous flowers this year! Well done!


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