We had joy, we had fun...

...We had sherry in the sun!

As mentioned in my previous post, last week we should have been having sherry in the sun in Malaga, which the 'rona knocked squarely on the head. Still, we made the most of our lovely garden. We've put in some new plants, and the tomatoes are thriving. Yesterday we whipped up some Spanish food and sat outside enjoying it all. (I even managed to take a nice photo of it, with no view of the washing line or the terrace that backs onto ours. Heh.)

On Saturday I finally got round to finishing my shirtdress, made a mask to match (just in case I have to go in anywhere that prefers masks to be worn) and I started work on the 60s knitted jacket again. Because I'd used a substitute yarn, part of the neck hadn't knitted up quite right, and I'd been resisting ripping the dodgy bit back and reknitting it, fearing it was going to be really complicated and take ages. However, on a roll from the dress I started tackling the knit too, and it's proving really easy. Who knows, it might be finished by the end of May!
I've done my usual late spring/early summer mothproofing. It was really lovely seeing all my vintage clothes again, and thanks to lockdown I've been wearing more of my vintage recently, so there was none of the vague regret of recent years. What's more, I'm soon going to have more wearable vintage. Last week I got a dress on Ebay (Buy It Now) and then won another in an auction – that one was only £8. The first is pale green, with a pattern of navy and white circles on, and the second white with a pale blue print. I'm pretty sure both are late 60s or early 70s. (If you read Ann's blog, they're both quite 'Polyester Princess' in style.) I'll model those, and my new me-made dress, for you at some point.
By the way, has anybody got any ideas how to look after a 1930s velvet dress? I've got one hanging up but I'm concerned about straining the shoulders – but I also worry about flattening the pile if it's laid down too long.

All this recent productivity ought to continue for some time as my company wants us all to work from home for a few more months. We'll have the option to carry on even after that, too, and I'm seriously considering seeing if I can work from home most of the time, going into the office one or maybe two days a week. I'll be able to go to they gym first thing in the morning, it'll save me a ton of money on train fares, and I was already trying to do one day a week at home for mental health reasons anyhow. It'll be a big change but one that looks like being totally positive.
It's not all been sunshine and flowers. I've fallen out with a friend, which part of me regrets, but it was my decision to walk away so I get to live with the consequences. That said, they often made me feel boring and unwanted, and so I suspect I'll miss them far more than they'll miss me. I've probably done both of us a favour! When lockdown ends, especially if I am working from home more, I'm going to make more effort to hop on the train and visit people who do want to spend time with me, especially my steampunk and goth friends out west who I haven't seen in so long it's ridiculous. Something like this makes me appreciate them all the more. And, indeed, appreciate you all the more.

Hmm. That's a downbeat way to end a post, isn't it? Rest assured I am upbeat and perky, and already planning more vintage sewing projects! But first, I'm going to go and read some blogs and show that appreciation. Stay safe!


  1. You know, sometimes we have to let people go who don't support us and reciprocate our friendship - this is as good a time as any to do that. I definitely agree that I've really come to see how much my strong friendships mean to me!

    Great work on finishing your dress and matching mask (very snazzy!), Mim! No special thoughts on the '30s dress (it's gorgeous) other than to mention steaming for raising the pile. Could you put it on two hangers instead of one to ease the weight on the shoulders?

    I'm starting to look at my office and we'll be getting protocols into place for people who'll be returning, but it won't be for more than a month.

  2. If you must have a staycation, that's the way to do it! Your garden really is looking beautiful.

    I hang my velvet pieces when in use and then pack them for storage. If you can get acid free archival tissue paper to pack it in, that should offer a bit more protection. As long as you check things regularly, you should be ok.

  3. Ahh I am so sorry you have fallen out with a friend. This time can be very trying on friendships and you can find out who your real friends really are. I have made a couple of new online friends as I am an expat living in japan and I feel alone at this moment in time so it nice to find some new online friends I can talk to who have the same interests.
    I have been watching and reading your blog for along time. And I intend to for a long time to do so. Take care and keep safe allie

  4. Your garden is looking absolutely gorgeous, that photo is worthy of printing off and framing.
    Love the covid mask and am very excited to see your eBay purchases - I'm awaiting a few deliveries, too.
    That dress is a beauty. A padded coathanger might give those shoulders a but more support, I'd be tempted to sew in a couple of ribbon loops (like you get in modern clothes) to reduce the strain. Have you got an old cotton duvet cover or sheet you could refashion into a cover to go over the hanger and protect the dress?
    I'm sorry you've fallen out with your friend and that you're not lazing in the sunshine in Spain. xxx

  5. Your garden looks lush and delightful and so lovely that you had a sherry and appetizers in it! (I've been enjoying some 'wine&tapas' at my balcony too!).
    And I love your matchy facemask, such a fabulous idea to wear something cute and matchy. If we have to wear them, let's do it in style!
    Looking forward to see this dress and the ones you purchased in eBay, the print looks really appealing!

  6. Oh no, you've given me an earworm now! Your garden is looking great and a tranquil place to sit in and enjoy the gorgeous weather. There's nothing wrong in pretending you're in Spain! Love the frock-matching mask, and I can't wait to see you modelling your new purchases, as you can imagine :-) Thank you for the shout out. xxx

  7. It sounds like you did the right thing ending the friendship. If you don't feel appreciated or valued by the friend then it's not really a friendship.

    Well done on completing both your dress and the mask; you're clearly on a sewing roll! Is the velvet dress the one featured; it's absolutely gorgeous.

    I hope you can make working at home a more permanent feature; I think a lot of people will have found a new way to work when this is over and we return to a form of normality. My brother's hoping to do the same as you.

    It's a shame about Spain but there's always next year - the garden was looking very mediterannean anyway!

    Take care

  8. The garden looks fabulous all green and lush. I'm looking forward to seeing your new frocks and I swear sometimes you have to put projects aside for a while and then boom away you go. I'm sorry about the holiday that bit sucks doesn't it? but hurrah for sherry in the sun. life is too short for people who don't appreciate you, I think you did the right thing and I'm always up for an adventure when we are allowed out and about again. xx

  9. Times like this certainly let you know who your friends are. Last year was for us was training for lockdown in that we were trying to make a big move to be near my partner's mum who was poorly & it all went wrong, having to stay where we are without jobs - I ended up consciously losing touch with colleagues who I thought were friends (they didn't get in touch, so I let them go) & ended up in the house all summer which was very isoloating! So fast forward I find a job & then I'm working from home! It was lovely to have some routine for a while but I'm happy stay working from home until it's safe enough to go back. We've been on leave this week & got dressed up to watch a play in YouTube,did an afternoon tea & other stuff which has made it feel like a proper break.


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