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Here's a bit of seasonal sauce for you – but don't worry, this is revealing as the photos get. Back in August vintage-style lingerie manufacturer My Retro Closet revealed she was making a limited run of lingerie in spiderweb lace in time for Halloween. I'd been looking at her pieces for a while but hadn't bought any. But I couldn't resist this range, called 'Yvonne' after the Lily Munster actress (who was 2011's Bloofer Lady on this very blog). I bought the babydoll and open-backed knickers.



Now, if you're a mature women, or a lover of mature women, you'll know things go south. I've been looking for pretty bedwear/lingerie, but most of it's designed with cups with absolutely sod-all support.* I'm a UK GG cup, so nothing's cut to fit my girls anyhow (the standard is a B or C-cup), and the result in anything flimsy with cups is my giant norks haul it into all sorts of terrible shapes. There's nothing wrong with my body, it's an average body, but apparently the people who make pretty lingerie have largely decided they don't want people like me buying their stuff.

My Retro Closet does want people like me buying their stuff. She makes a lot of 50s-60s babydoll styles, where everything falls from the shoulders into a froth of frills at hip level. If you can't fill a conventional cup, you overfill a conventional cup, you've had a mastectomy on one side, these styles are fantastic. Several styles also have ties at the shoulders, which means you can adjust them for your hip height. I didn't want to show too much of myself here (fortunately for all of us) and it's hard to photograph the garments flat, so I reckon you're best off popping off over to the website if you'd like to see them full-length on a person.

I paid for this set during slow fashion season, but I don't think it was breaking the spirit of the season. All the items are made by one person here in the UK; it's as far from sweatshop as you can imagine. Because of this there's always a wait for delivery. My set took about six weeks, which is standard, and there's currently a one to two month wait on handmade orders with no guarantee of items arriving in time for Christmas. But it's worth it! I'd largely given up on the hope of finding anything pretty and saucy that didn't also make me feel terrible about my body. I  love this set, my husband loves this set, and I will definitely be buying more items from this firm.

Anyone else feel the shops don't want to sell a bit of hot sauce to go with mutton?

*Yes, you can get nightwear with cups built in. It's all made from T-shirt fabric. BIG BOOBS DESERVE SILK AND LACE TOO!


  1. Loving that photo of you! I totally agree, your set is the total opposite of fast fashion and therefore very much in the spirit of slow fashion season.
    The website looks great and the prices seem really reasonable for such lovely, well-made skimpies. xxx

  2. Hot sauce goes with everything ;)
    Sounds like a fabulous purchase! X

  3. Ooh la la! That spiderweb set is really most amazing. And a babydoll, no less. So pleased for you that you found what you were looking for. I've got it easy as I'm a very regular C, so no problem finding what I like, but as you so aptly say, big boobs deserve silk and lace too! xxx

  4. Va Va Voom!
    Looking VERY pretty & saucy indeed.
    No, shops do not wish to sell to mutton (unless it is dowdy nightgowns & clothing patterned after tents) or to anyone sporting tatas over a C cup. An occasional D cup might be found but that's about it. My weight has gone up & down but my F cup/50 inch bust has always remained and been the limiting factor in my wardrobe shopping. Sigh. My bust did allow me to pull off quite the spectacular 50's sweater girl looks when I was much thinner & younger though! I do have a black sheer silk version of the Veronica robe featured on My Retro Closet's website though, still fits & looks fetching with everything. ;)

  5. Oh baby doll pjs - they bring back memories I can tell you!

    How brilliant you've found someone who makes such beautiful garments - in your size! I'm a G cup and I know how difficult it can be to find something to fit me comfortably in the boob area.

  6. I love that you bought "slow fashion" lingerie, Mim! This is a fabulous set (I poked around a bit on the site, thanks for the link), and so awesome that it's made in the UK. I'm a 34DD which is a REALLY hard size to find in stores, and I hear your frustration!


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