Plus sized vintage party dress ideas?


The office party is looming, I have finally conceded that I am NOT going to look good in a satin dress that's a size too small, even with shapewear, and now I am in need of a plus-sized frock of fabulousness, preferably vintage-style.

Any ideas? Plus points if you know of anything to fit 40-33-41 with a prominent tummy... (And don't say, 'diet'! I don't do the d-word.)


  1. The one thing I will say is if you consider 40-33-41 'plus sized' god help us all!

  2. How long have you got? Do you have a big/small/no budget? Are you near shops?

  3. I just had to type 'pankagg' to post that post I love it, it's going to be my word of the day......


  4. Miss Magpie, by bust and hips I'm not that large - hips are about a UK14 - but by waist I tend to be a UK18-20. I'm sized out of at least one High Street shop (Oasis) and one vintage repro firm (Tara Starlet), although larger friends would regard me as having it easy. I've got about a fortnight, full access to shops, don't really want to go over £100.

    (Pankagg - the sort of batter splat you get when flipping pancakes too early, perhaps.)

  5. I might just have the thing for you! pop me an email to and i'll whizz you over a photo. I was going to pop it on ebay - but if you like it - perhaps we can strike a deal?

  6. Ok - what sort of look do you want to go for? 40's? 50's? Is it a dinner dance type thing or meal in town and then on to a pub?

  7. Nope, it's about 500-700 people in an engine shed at Bristol Temple Meads, I think with a circus theme this year, so I'm anticipating trapeze artists, contortionists, stilt walkers etc. Free drinks and usually people circulating with trays of food like chips, burgers and so on.

    I skipped last year and then kicked myself as one of the amusements was a Victorian-style photography area, complete with things to dress up in for photos.

    I suppose if it's a circus I could always hire a tiger outfit - that would cover a multitude of lumps and bumps.

  8. Good gods! WHO do you work for? I get a crummy dinner and dance at a hotel - which I had to contribute to!
    Ok - so are you a trousers girl? You could go black trousers, red shirt, waistcoat, mini fascinator type top hat (no exspense needed - you could go to a fancy dress shop, get a kids one and glue it to a hair clip) with retro hair to match and red lippy?


    dress, fishnets (fishnets SCREAM circus to me) and a circus themed brooch?

  9. Beat me to it! As soon as I read circus I thought waistcoat and top hat!

    Sounds like you and I are a similar shape ie; no waist.....

    For the high street, I find Debenhams pretty good also what about Marks?

  10. I'm a Production Editor at Future Publishing. This is the big annual do (when I started in the late '90s we'd have summer parties too, but I think the company is too big for that now.)

    Waistcoat and top hat sounds like a VERY good idea, although I might pair it with a pencil skirt. I'll see what's in the charity shops at the weekend.

    Hoorah, you two rock! Thank you for the ideas.

  11. Fingers crossed you find something fab.


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