Saturday, 14 August 2010

To dress up, or not to dress up?

I'm planning to go to Dig For Victory at Lacock next weekend. I'm not so into the war recreation side of things, but I love the music of the era and just want to sit and listen to a band for a bit. Now, I've already made the error of ordering a Mary dress that's exactly the same size as my body and therefore a tad too tight to look good. I really don't think I can wear Mary. I have a 1940s-feeling dress, albeit a modern one, with a bib front, all in chocolate brown with tan pindots, and I'm toying with wearing with that instead.

Here's my dilemma: I'm not a proper vintage fan. I read and watch lots of vintage stuff, I have a keen interest in clothes, and I've been wearing bits of vintage clothing for years (my wedding dress was a late 30s ivory silk evening gown). Now my knitting skills have reached a level where I can create the things I want for myself my wardrobe will probably look much more vintage. BUT I don't do it full-on, all the time and you're more likely to find me in a black shift dress than anything else. I don't know if it's okay to go to an event like this that nods at a time period but isn't an original or even a full-on recreation. Is it better simply to go in something modern? They do have hints on the Dig For Victory site about getting the look, and my brown dress is very like a 1940s tea dress. I guess I'll have to hunt out a pair of gloves, knit myself a 40s-style hat and hope everyone is kind. In truth, most people are.

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