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Have you ever bought anything from one of those catalogues they have on planes? On our way back from holiday, Mr Robot surprised me with this watch. I've never bought anything on a plane myself, but I did really like this Orla Kiely watch when I saw it. He thought I'd like it too, so got it for me.

Kiely's 'Stem' pattern is pretty much ubiquitous nowadays, which did make me wonder why she doesn't get quite as many negative comments thrown at her as, say, Cath Kidston. Is it that her stuff is more streamlined, less pastel, a little less twee? (I quite like some of Kidston's patterns, but too much of the florals or polkadots can make me feel like I'm trapped in a Yummy Mummy's Instagram feed.) I don't think I'd want 'Stem' on a large item – a bag, say – but it's a nice splash of colour on the watch face, and the long, slim rectangular shape is unusual.

I've been meaning to back up my clothing spreadsheet for ages, and yesterday the save crashed and corrupted the whole thing. All this year's data, gone. I have taken this as a sign that I don't really need it any more. It's served its original purpose, to help me work out what I was wearing and avoid buying more things that only ever saw the inside of the wardrobe, so it's time to let it go. And to learn the lesson: back up stuff if you think it might be important.

On the subject of letting things go, my holiday clothes led to a bit of a revelation. It's okay for styles to change. It's great to wear things that fit. And so I'm now in the mood for having a massive clear-out. The local hospice kilo sale is this weekend, so I'll be able to get new things for myself, and then I'll offload my unwanted vintage on Vix when she's in town next month... Out with the old old, in with the new old!


  1. It's a lovely watch, I think it's very Mim!
    I love having a clear out, we've been on a bit of a mission, donating bags and bags to charity as well as ebaying the half decent stuff. I am purposefully dragging things out from my wardrobe that I haven't worn much and giving them one last chance, it's very cathartic. I'm wearing a nice pair of shoes today that I don't understand why I've never worn before?

    Would love to see what clothes you took on holiday if you get round to it!

  2. I'd love that pattern as wallpaper (perhaps just one wall in a large room) but miniatures (like the watch) are probably best. How nice Mr. Robot bought it for you as a thoughtful gift. I've never been tempted by the, "Air Mall" but my dad loved passing the flight shopping from the catalog.

    I did a very large clear-out (still ongoing) and I'll second Porcelina's observation that it is cathartic. I'm still not in a mood to shop for new stuff, but I'm sure it will pass.

  3. It's a beautiful watch, Mim. What a lovely surprise for you!

    I've got Orla Kiely perfume in the shape of a glass flower. It's quite nice; a floral scent and I bought it in a charity shop in Hampstead on my birthday weekend in London.

    I'm going to make sure I have a really good clear out when I finally swap summer to winter wardrobes. I already have a black plastic bag waiting to be taken to the charity shop...

  4. Funny you should say that...when we flew to Corfu with Ryanair this Summer we were amazed at how many people were buying from the catalogue, I'd forgotten about that little ritual - probably cos I'm usually fast asleep when we're flying long haul.
    Mr robot's got fantastic taste. That watch is gorgeous and so very you, colourful, stylish and fun. I've got an Orla Kiely silk scarf that came free with a magazine 15 years ago. I still love it. I remember her house being featured in an interiors magazine and loving her light fitting so much that I tracked one down from a shop in Amsterdam.
    A good clear out is good for the soul! I'll eagerly await your visit to Bath! xxx

  5. I'd never heard about the ritual of buying from catalogues on planes, but then again I've never been on a plane for more than an hour, flying to London ... That Orla Kiely watch is gorgeous, how sweet of Mr. Robot to buy it for you! I need to do a massive clear out as well, if only I could find some time! xxx

  6. What a gorgeous watch , Mim. The colours and design are very "you". That was really nice of Mr. Robot. I think it looks nice and is small enough not to clash with your outfits just add a lovely pop of colour. I am reassessing my wardrobe too and my imminent house sale will force me to get rid off so much stuff. Sometimes the only reason we keep stuff is sentiment and it weighs us down.Xx

  7. I love it! It looks very fabulously retro 60's!
    I'm so out of it I didn't even know who Kiely or Kidston were.

  8. They have catalogues on airplanes? I never knew that! How nice was that of Pete to buy you the watch! xxx

  9. Mr Robot does know you so well. You remind me of a time years ago where I was wearing a red and white star print hoodie and a Yummy Mummy type said smugly "Oh I recognise that print, Cath Kidston isn't it" and I said "No actually it's Living Dead Souls" and showed her the label she then backed away in horror heh heh heh.

    See you in Bath.xx


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