Madrid, you will kill me!

Sherry! In a bar old enough for Laurie Lee to have drank in.
I'm typing this in Zaragoza, having just spent a couple of nights in Madrid. Madrid is infamous for being a city that doesn't slow down - the nightlife is so good, I think a week there would finish me off.

We did try to be cultured; on our first night we went looking for a street Laurie Lee went drinking on back in the 1930s. All the brothel-bars Lee visited are gone, but we did find a sherry bar, about a century old. It had suitably grumpy staff; I guess if you have to spend every night telling people you sell sherry, nothing but sherry, and no they cannot have a beer, it gets a bit wearing. Thanks to Laurie we got soundly drunk and ended up in all sorts of places on that first night, including an Andalucian bar, a Pompeii-themed bar, and one I suspect might have been aimed at lesbians, given the tile murals of naked ladies (some enjoying each other's company) and the pretty couple on a dinner date next to us! Ah, Madrid. 
Kitchen in the Decorative Arts Museum, Madrid
Kitchen in the Decorative Arts Museum.
The following day we went to the decorative arts museum and for a walk round Retiro Park, which was jolly relaxing, before walking back to the district where we were staying (Sol) for MOAR BARS.

The Crystal Palace, Madrid.
The Crystal Palace, Madrid.
 I know most people seem to prefer Barcelona, but I really love Madrid.
Some impressive buildings in Madrid.
No idea what this is, but it looked fab!


  1. Sounds like you're having a fab time!!

    My grandson and my daughter and her friends have both been to Barcelona in the last 18 months - they got robbed! My grandson was mugged and had his wallet stolen; daughter's friend had purse taken from her handbag whilst in a shoe shop.

  2. Madrid looks gorgeous and your night out sounds like the stuff that holiday legend is made of. Sherry is lovely. Pity most people here think of it as an old lady drink or something to go in a trifle. The park looks like a nice place to escape a hangover. :) Xx

  3. My Dad, a world traveler, always maintained that Madrid was the finest city in the world. I've been to Barcelona a few times and loved it but after reading As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning last year am desperate to retrace Laurie Lee's footsteps.
    Have fun (not that you need telling!) xxx

  4. I like the sound of a sherry bar. I rather like the idea of a Pompeii themed bar as well. Ah what the hell, the lesbian bar with the mural sounds great too ;)

    Enjoy your holiday-it sounds wonderful.

  5. I am a fan of Spanish sherry, a sherry bar is appealing! Glad you are having a wonderful time x

  6. The architecture looks beautiful. I’m glad you're having a lovely time xxx

  7. Wow! the pics look absolutely gorgeous!
    Careful Mim, you'll come back pickled!

  8. Walking in Laurie Lee's footsteps looks like a lot of fun. Have a fabulous holiday, Mim! xxx

  9. Love Madrid. One of the best cities ever. Glad to hear you're having a great time.xx


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