A Goody bag

If you read Goody's blog, you'll know she is the Queen of Accessorising. (And if you don't read it, you should, because she is the Queen of Accessorising.) She recently did a post featuring a navy handbag; I mentioned I was looking for a navy handbag, and she kindly said she'd send me one. And here it is! Isn't it splendid? I love the swooping curves of the suede and leather panels.

The label inside says it is a 'Life Stride' handbag. I did a quick Google search and it looks as though Life Stride are a shoe company – makes sense – and they're still going today. Thanks to the fact the company changed its typeface fairly regularly, I can be certain this particular bag is late 1950s-1960s. It looks it from the outside, but the label proves it. Isn't it nice when manufacturers are so considerate?

(On the subject of handbags, did you see Antiques Roadshow at the weekend? They had a vintage boxy bag with gold-plated interior with holders for things like lipstick and perfume, and it LIT UP. A light-up handbag? How cool is that?)

Being naughty in the best possible way, Goody sent me a pile of other things too.

There was a lovely faux pearl brooch and pair of Lisner earrings, and a cute little pearl-beaded evening bag. I'm planning to take the navy bag to work tomorrow, and probably one of the pieces of jewellery. Maybe both – we shall see.

There was a couple of cookbooks. I'll cover these more in some detail over on Greedybots later in the week. One is Great Home Cooking In America, a compendium of traditional American food. The baking recipes look rather delicious. Not for nothing is that country famed for its home baking. The other book... Body Building Dishes For Children... Let's just say I'm glad I wasn't a child in 1940s America! I like liver, but it features far too much liver. There's even a recipe for liver sandwiches. Though you could just fry it. Anyone for a half-inch-thick slice of fried liver?
Nope, thought not.

And then there were two copies of The Workbasket. From the cover I thought it would be like Stitchcraft in the UK, but it doesn't have as many big projects. The designs on the covers are included, and are in several sizes. Most of the other makes are smaller, quicker things, like knitted or crocheted lace edgings, and simple slippers.
What I like is the adverts. You can really see how much wealthier America was, in general. Adverts for electric scissors, accordions, a John F Kennedy coin set. There's a lot, too on earning through crafts, from selling what you make, or selling pecan nuts. I don't think British magazines ever pushed this entrepreneurial aspect.
Of course, you could always improve your assets in other ways!


  1. Ha that last advert is priceless! Before wonderbras of course ;) What a sweet little parcel to be sent, that's a nice friend you have there x

  2. What a lovely handbag, and how absolutely sweet of Goody (I agree that she IS the Queen of Accesorising) to send it to you, together with some other ... ehm ... goodies! The faux pearl brooch is very pretty too! I love browsing through vintage magazines, especially for the adverts, some of which are really hilarious! xxx

  3. Gawrsh. That last advert just looks like she got an underwire and some orthodiontic work done.
    What a gorgeous purse & lovely beaded bag!
    I don't think the US was much wealthier, possibly more financially stable though. Now your $ goes farther because that JFK coin set & accordion are made in PRC.

  4. How generous! The bag is really stylish, as is the little evening bag and earrings xxx

  5. I think Blogger ate my comment!
    That's a fabulous bag, Goody has the most wonderful taste. I bet that little beauty is going to be worn loads! I love the craft mag, that red, white and blue coat is divine. I wonder what the bust line enhancing tips involve??
    That Antique Roadshow bag was tremendous, wasn't it? I did find it strange that a vinyl bag would have a 24 carat gold interior, you'd have thought it would have been a lot more posh! xxx

  6. I'm glad you like it.

    Mmmm, liver.

  7. What a fabulous Goody bag, Mim. Goody is so stylish and I agree she is the Queen of Accessorising.

    I love your navy handbag and contents and yes I did see the light up bag on the Antiques Roadshow - it was amazing.

    A bust developer? Just what I (don't) need!

  8. Gorgeous handbag, I love it. Goody and Ann always have such great handbags!

    Dear lord I can't even imagine all that liver *shudders*

  9. Fabulous handbag and what a lovely box of goodies from Goody! (see what I did there!!) I hate, like actual hate, liver. It makes me feel sick just thinking about it, so those poor children. Thank god I wasn't alive then! xx

  10. Wow - those recipe books sound epic.
    My child does like liver and braised heart, because she saw daddy eating it so it's 'grown up'! Haha!

  11. That was a lovely gift. What a gorgeous bag. The design is lovely and such cute jewels. Those magazines are an absolute riot. The bust improver must be good. That lady looks so happy. Those poor children. Liver, bleugh. My Dad used to fry it up all the time when I was little and just me smell makes me want to be sick. And please don't mention *offal*. Tripe makes me shudder. Still you would probably eat if you had to. Xx


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