Who wants a free 50s fridge?

Prestcold fridge logoSorry about the impromptu break. I didn't seem to have much to write about, and then the country went bonkers and I couldn't think of much to write (frankly, I felt like digging myself a bunker to retreat into until about 2026), hence my general silence. Unfortunately my garden was too overgrown for much excavation, so the bunker plan had to be shelved* and you're stuck with me. But I do have little things to talk about...

First up: anyone want a genuine 1950s Prestcold fridge? Pale yellow outside, turquoise inside. Though the external paint isn't pristine it's still got all its original drawers, and when we last turned it on (back in the 1990s) it still worked, though it was noisy and inefficient. We've been using it to store wine in, as it's lightproof and keeps bottles safe from temperature changes, but it's really taking up too much space for something that no longer works with our dining room design. It's free to a good home, but you'll have to be able to collect it from Trowbridge at a weekend, and you WILL need two people to move it. Contact me if you want it or have any questions at the usual email addy – crinolinerobot AT yahoo DOT com.
Prestcold refrigerator

My knitting mojo has returned! I lost it for a long time – I kept knitting because I felt I ought to, rather than because I wanted to – but now it's back. I've been happily beavering away through the front of my jumper and planning what to do next. I'm seriously considering knitting a couple of 1960s tops. Before my holiday I bought a couple of cheap cloth headbands from Claire's Accessories, as I just needed something to hold my hair back. They've been something of a revelation. Matched with simple capris and 1960 tops, they should solve all my summer separates dilemmas, giving me a vintage look that also works with my own minimalist inclinations.

The insurance paid something towards the cost of replacing the camera I lost in Segovia. My new one is a Panasonic Lumix LX100. I felt a bit shallow for asking if I could order the retro brown-and-silver version rather than the all-black one on display in the shop, but it turned out to be £30 cheaper. It's not as nice-looking as my Fuji was, but it takes beautiful photos, and it can connect to my phone via WiFi which will mean I can get proper photos up onto the blog even when I'm travelling. I wasn't too excited about the Lumix at first. I needed a camera, but I felt unable to find the sort of thing I really wanted. However, now I've started to see what it's capable of, I'm keen to take even more pictures with it.
A tabby cat eating a cake
Dreadfully 1990s plate, but it's fine for cats

The camera's first testing was when I used it to photograph the urchins' birthday. We made them a little 'cake' of chicken chunks baked in egg, which Pippin ate most of. We also bought them a couple of catnip mice and a catnip teddy bear, which they have mostly ignored, and their friends Merlin and Tiberius sent them a birthday card and some treats, which they can have now they've finished their 'cake'. It's probably a bit sad, throwing a birthday party for two cats, but as our politicians seem determined to send the whole country to hell in a handbasket, some whimsy was welcome.
A cross-eyed tabby cat with toys

Papa Robot sent me a couple of presents, a toy Carter's Steam Fair lorry (I love Carter's!), and a DVD of Marx Brothers films. Carter's is due back in Bath this summer. I missed the fair last year, so I definitely want to catch it this time round, and have my usual scramble for a decent car in the Rock'n'Roll Dodgems – I like to get a car named after a musician I like.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. Have you done anything fun?

* An acquaintaince who looked into food sourcing/supply suggested, in all seriousness, that now would be a good time for Brits to start digging vegetable gardens as food prices are likely to rise. I've got other priorities. I'm going to stock up on Spanish wine. Damn those Brexiteers!


  1. I love that your cats get to eat off china-80's pattern or not.

    Just two people to move the fridge? I have childhood memories of jerking my shoulder badly trying to open ours-those things were built well!

    1. We bought them milk bowls from one of the ceramics shops in Triana on holiday :-D Their everyday bowls are ceramic cat bowls, they only get proper china on special occasions. Perhaps I should try styling them as cats from different eras for a photoshoot...

  2. Happy birthday to the kittens! How gorgeous are those photos? Isn't it funny how cats have such different tastes in food? Polly Piglet loves fish and Stephen Squirrel is beef all the way.
    Have you heard the wonderful Christoph Waltz ranting about Brexit while being interviewed about Tarzan today? I love him even more now!
    I'd love your fridge, I bet you'll be inundated with takers. Its stunning. xxx

    1. No takers for the fridge yet!

      I'm just glad the cats have developed some discretion when it comes to food. Because they are little guttersnipes who presumably lived off discarded street food, when we got them they would eat ANYTHING they found on the floor. Even if it wasn't food. They no longer feel the need to consume everything in sight, thankfully. (Though Ziggy still likes woodlice, and Pippin keeps catching bees and getting a swollen face.)

  3. I would love that gorgeous fridge, but think Husband would take the opposite view! I'm sure a loving home will be found for it :-)

    Yeah, I haven't blogged for a few weeks - work gets in the way and also I haven't really had much to write about. Sometimes I do wonder if I should continue with it, but soon change my mind as I think I'd miss it.


    1. Sometimes it's good just to have a bit of downtime to get yourself all sorted out. You need time simply to be yourself before you can share yourself on a blog, and it can be easy to get overstretched.

  4. Mim

    Is your cat in the photo cross eyed? Or is it me? Anyhow, he or she is gorgeous.

    I remember those fridges - made to last.

    As you've got your knitting mojo back I wonder if you would like some knitting patterns I got from the charity shop where I volunteer? I selected all the pre-decimal priced ones so they are all pre-1971. I don't knit so they're of no use to me but i felt I should rescue them before they got thrown away. Just email me if you do - veronicacooke0@gmail.com.

    Enjoy your week!


    1. She is! That's Pippin. When we got them, the charity mentioned that she was crosseyed as though that would put us off her. We love our little wonk-eyed cat. We think they must be part Siamese, as while Ziggy is getting huge, he's still very delicately built, with long, fine-boned legs and tail.

      I have emailed you about the patterns, thank you so much!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful fridge! Such a shame we have no room ... and already have two fridges (yes really) as I would snap it up. I shall just have to hanker after it instead *sigh*

    Happy belated birthday to the kitbots! We celebrate the bunnies birthdays too, though no cake, I should remedy this!

  6. Happy birthday kittens! Our Phoebe is not interested in catnip toys either. That is, until we got her catnip mouse while on holiday, called Zebedee's Catnip Mouse. She was totally crazy about that mouse - and still is - so much so that I bought a whole carton of them on Ebay. xxx

  7. Good luck in rehoming that fridge. It's such a classic beauty. Were we on your lovely side of the pond, I'd be seriously tempted. :)

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  8. Sadly I can't add that lovely fridge to my collection of stuff! Glad you found a new camera that you are happy with.

  9. its a gorgeous fridge i bet youll find a buyer

  10. The kitties are eating in style ('90s style!) :)

    Hello MIM.
    As I have told you, who knows what else is god about losing your camera. Someone out there has found it, and I honestly like to believe that it went into the hands of the one hat needed it. Your new shots look great. A bit more practice, and you'll make those artistic snaps (and, yes: you CAN make great photography with a digital camera)
    If I may give you a hint (but, you may already know this): try turning the digital zoom off, my photos seem to look much more "pro" since I have opted for my optical zoom. And, your camera looks like a "mean machine" - oh, the photography - one can talk all day about it!

    Not much over here.
    I ignored my garden long enough, so the Nature took over - and now I have to yank, pull (maybe even spray) my way into a somewhat orderly garden.

    Have a great Saturday!

  11. Can't quite believe someone hasn't snapped up that amazing fridge! What a good looking beast it is. Talking of which, look at your lovely birthday kittens! They're adorable. Talking of recent events, I keep using that phrase too; 'hell in a hand-basket'. Snap!! We have an allotment, but the problem is, this weather is not conducive. Maybe I should just drink rioja too.


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