Get the look: Elisabet Matson's midcentury curtains

My final Crimes of Passion outfit post is in the works, but in the meantime, if you liked the look of the interiors, here's something you can actually buy!

I was really struck by some of the interiors in episode three, 'No More Murders', especially Elisabet Matson's curtains. Then, when I was flicking through Sanderson's website to see if they'd revived any more midcentury archive designs (they haven't, boo!) I realised that the curtains are from Sanderson. It's part of their '1950s Fabrics' range, it's called 'Seaweed', and was designed in 1954. There are four colourways, and I liked the teal/orange colourway used in the programme best. Sanderson fabrics aren't cheap, and the prints are large-scale so probably won't suit very small rooms (I couldn't use them in my little Victorian terrace), but if I had the space and the money I'd definitely buy them.


  1. I have a sofa and chair that need reupholstering so I hopped over to follow the link for a look. The 50's fabrics are lovely, but the Highland wools really caught my eye-they are about as close to what I had in mind as I've found. I'm sure international shipping will be horribly expensive, but it is good to know there's something I do want in the event I am unable to locate something domestically. Thank you for posting that link.

    1. I should warn you that Sanderson are at the top end of the upholstery fabric market. They're very pricy! But they will last for decades.

  2. Great piece of fabric detective work!


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