Time to dip my toe into the 50s?

The embroidery on the Mr's
bargainous bowling shirt.
Gah! The DS Big Band concert I was going to this weekend has been cancelled. It does mean I can catch up with my friend Tom, however, as Mr Robot had bought the tickets before we knew Tom would be in Bath for the weekend.

I currently have a yearning for a pair of Vivien of Holloway jeans and a blouse for going to 50s/rockabilly-type events. My reasoning is this:

It looks like Mr Robot and I will be going to more events playing 50s-style music
I like to look appropriate
I look terrible in most 1950s styles as I have a 1920s/1960s body type
Dressing up very flamboyantly will draw attention to the fact that 50s is Not My Look
So I may as well sling on something simple and casual, then forget it

I am kind of worried that I will look a bit mumsy in this outfit, but then by my age most women are mothers, so I am going to look a bit mumsy no matter what I wear. (‘Do I look mumsy in this?’ needs to be filed in the same folder as ‘Do I look fat in this?’, the folder labelled, ‘Yes, but it’s you, not the clothes, so stop worrying about it and concentrate on having fun.’) It’s going to be a case of the accessories tipping the balance: a really fab pair of shoes and an eyecatching bag, plus properly-set hair, carrying the rest over into ‘laid-back cool’ rather than ‘mum’s going on a cruise holiday’. Anyway, it’s all academic right now, I need to do a bit more freelance before I start splashing out on new togs. I tend to do a lot of thinking before actually buying anything; having never been into disposable fashion I like to buy something and then get a lot of wear out of it. Plus I haven't worn jeans in 20 years. do I really want to start again now?

Mr Robot has a hair dilemma. He was able to find an awesome bowling shirt in a charity shop for under a fiver, but now is trying to work out what to do with his hair that will look okay for work during the week, but also appropriate at events. I find myself completely floundering when we discuss bloke clothes – there's a whole world of collar cuts and suchlike that I'd never even realised was there. So this rockabilly stuff isn't just fun, it's going to be edumacational...


  1. I know they are a sort of fashion faux pax but there are some surprisingly good jeggings out there these days. I bought a cracking pair of high waisted dark blue ones in New Look.They look just like those 50's style jeans but are far more flattering on those of us with a less than perfect 50's figure!

  2. Heyday do some great trousers too. I'm not a massive 50s fan, don't like the pouffy skirts (unless v kitsch). I also favour the classic jeans and shirt look. There are lots of slightly cowgirl-pinup shirts around at the moment, they'd definitely add a touch of interest to jeans without going ott.

    1. I worry about Heyday trousers as, like What Katie Did lingerie, they're cut for a completely different figure type - small waist/big hips. I'm the other way round, big waist/small hips, and so worry that if I got a pair of Heyday trousers I'd have a choice between saggy fabric round my bum or the world's worst muffin top!

      I've been losing weight very slowly - lost a stone since new year - and besides my back and knee and mystery boob pain going (unidentifiable pain in the nork, not one I hadn't realised I had!), I'm hoping further reduction will give me a more conventional body type. And, indeed, enable me to fit into a couple of nice cowgirly blouses I've outgrown. I've already got a gorgeous red gingham one that just needs me to lose an inch or so of chest...

  3. At the end of the day if you like it and feel comfortable in it you'll be ok, but if you don't feel comfortable and are fidgeting and looking at it all the time you know it's not for you. You need to be unaware of clothes to carry them off, if that makes sense. I don't touch jeans or trousers anymore as I am short and have an hourglass shape and would look and feel ghastly in them. Wasn't so bad when I was much thinner but it's not for me now. Same with 20's styles, look great, but just not on me, well the later 20's at any rate.

    1. Yes, I need to proceed with caution with jeans. Having not fallen back on them as an easy option for years, I'm slightly scared that I'll buy a pair and immediately turn into Waynetta Slob! I find it easier to dress up than down...

  4. What lovely jeans they are too! I love the look of 50's jeans, but I've always shied away with my pear shape. Maybe I could give it a go after all, as there are definitely ladies with hips in the pictures.

    A friend of mine wears bowling shirts a lot, his hair is swept back, with a little height. Not too much of a quiff, but it works well for work and partying.

    1. I think 50s styles work best with hips as it shows off the waist - it gives those 1950s exaggerated curves.


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