New shoe bargain bliss

1920s style brown shoes Neosens Rococo 769
These will look gorgeous as part of a
20s-style or steampunk outfit.
'Oh good grief,' I hear you mutter, 'Is she still banging on about shoes? It's been over two months!' Well, not for much longer because I have had a very good stroke of luck. After ordering a pair from Agnes and Norman and having to send them back because they were too narrow for my fat little feet, I was a bit downcast. I'd been eyeing up a couple of Neosens styles on Sarenza... and they knocked both styles I'd wanted down to half price, so I could afford both!

The black ones are all leather, and the brown ones a mix of embroidered fabric and leather. (I'd expected embossed leather, so that was a bit of a surprise, but they are very pretty.) They do fit my feet, too – I wear a 5.5 when I can find brands that do half sizes, and these are wide enough, and the right length, with a little room in the heel (but not so much that the shoes slip) so they should keep their shape.

black neosens Rococo 805 shoes with louis heel and openwork detail
Ideal for work: just high enough, just ornate enough.
I was very pleased with the service I got from both firms. If you have narrow feet, I recommend looking at Agnes and Norman as their styles are beautiful and the workmanship is fantastic. I got my refund quickly. They used Royal Mail for delivery, which is my preferred option anyway as I can collect my parcels from the sorting office at the weekend when I'm in town. Sarenza use a courier, Yodel, which was not quite as convenient for me, but next time I order I will get the courier to go to Mr Robot's office as he is able to sign for parcels at work. The delivery took a little longer, but was not overlong, and I was able to track the items' progress online.

As always, I pay for my things! No freebies. So I was jolly chuffed to get these in a sale, and I shall cease to bore you about footwear for a few months.


  1. Oooh, very nice, the brown ones are so me! Never heard of this brand before....or the shoe site....but, alas, the prices are way above my budget. Have fun in them.
    I've have had shoe fitting problems all my life, and from going barefoot so much my feet are on the wide side. I'm constantly trying to find things that fit comfortably and look right.

    1. These were half price, so about £55 a pair. Every time I do some freelance I joke that it keeps me in shoes, so I thought I had better get round to getting some!

  2. ps,
    I've just seen their Victorian style ankle boots, oh, the agony, haha; not only can I not afford them but they would no doubt be far too tight, the unfairness!

  3. Never heard of this brand before but the prices are way above my budget. I've have had shoe fitting problems and my feet are on the wide side. I'm constantly trying to find things that fit comfortably and look right.

    Barker Marine

    Men Shoes UK


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