Local events, not just for local people!

Are you in Wiltshire, or on the Wiltshire/Somerset border? Do you like vintage, steampunk, dieselpunk, or just old tat in general?

I’m currently a tad annoyed that a couple of small, local events I’ve been looking forward to have been cancelled. Now, you could respond, ‘If you don’t like it, why not organise something yourself?’ And that’s a valid comment. I don’t have the time or expertise to organise an event myself – I saw how much work it took my friends to run their steampunk weekend, and I don’t flatter myself that I could do anywhere near as good a job – but I can, at least, help local vintage lovers find the events that appeal to them and help make things that are going on a little more successful. Because of that, I’m starting a small events listing on this blog, just to get information on what’s on out to more people. So please, tell me of the events you’re running in Wiltshire (or close to the borders; I’ll be covering Bath and Frome too) and I can add them to the list.

 In keeping with Crinoline Robot’s eclectic feel, the list will encompass a broad range of events, not just vintage fashion and lifestyle ones, from jazz band performances to classic vehicle shows to dance lessons to re-enactment events. So come on, send me your event details! I want to put bums on YOUR seats! Tell me in the comments or email me at crinolinerobot AT yahoo DOT com.

*Adopts Rosie the Riveter pose, declares WILTSHIRE CAN DO IT!*


  1. That's a shame. :( I do love local events, thankfully none cancelled near me.

    Good luck with collecting yours!

    1. It's going to be a labour of love, but it's better than sitting around bitching! I shall do what I can to promote local goings-on.

  2. That's soooo disappointing. Alas, I am much too far away from such things...would love to see Somerset, looks beautiful and very interesting, couple of my friends had grandparents from there. I adore a West Country accent, my friend's dad never lost his despite being away for years and years.
    I hope you have better luck with events in the future.


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