New Year's Resolution 2013

Happy New Year! Have you made a new year's resolution at all?

My resolution for 2011, to buy more brooches, was a success. 2012's resolution, to buy more buttons was not. Not because I couldn't find vintage buttons; Etsy is a great source of these and I also got some from a local haberdasher, Jumblejelly (the shop's in Bradford-on-Avon, although I actually bought my buttons from their stall at a vintage fair.) No, 2012's resolution failed because halfway through the year I realised there was no point to it. I was simply amassing buttons without knitting quickly enough to have anything to sew them to, and they weren't doing me or anyone else any good.

I made a new resolution, a two-parter: first, I wanted to put money into startup projects with a vintage / steampunk / dieselpunk bent. £10-20 or so each month. Funding for the arts and creative projects is one of the things that's been hit by the recession, and I truly believe people need creativity and dreams. Some projects didn't reach their targets, but one that did was the campaign to build a museum to Nikola Tesla on the site of his former workshop, so perhaps one day I'll be able to visit it and try to work out which brick I paid for!

The other part of my half-year resolution was to put something in the trolley for the local food bank every time I shopped at the supermarket. I did this, and Mr Robot and I also did a special Christmas shop too because no-one should have a 'Cratchit Christmas'. It makes me angry to think even now, in our first world country, people walk 20 miles to get something to eat. Anyway, I could rant on about this for hours. Suffice to say, this one is no longer a resolution, it's a lifestyle change, and I'll keep doing it as long as I'm in work and can afford to.

So, what will I do in 2013? I've struggled to come up with something. Mr Robot suggested finishing one knitted project a month, which is a good idea. I'm also going on the 5/2 diet; basically my knees and back have been troubling me, and while physio has helped my knees, my back's getting worse and taking some of the weight off my joints has got to help. We'll see how that one goes; I'm not going to talk about it much because I do feel very guilty and like a body acceptance traitor, but some days I find myself barely able to put my tights on because my lower back hurts so badly, and that simply won't do. So the knitting will be my main resolution, and I promise you lots of lovely knitted things to look at and no tiresome twaddle about celery!


  1. As a fellow knee sufferer who has been told to lose weight I hear you. Not sure how you feel about non medical practices and I'm not saying it's for everyone but the Alexander Technique sorted my back out where doctors & pills, Chiropractors and Osteopaths failed. There is nothing worse than back pain so I wish you a speedy relief from yours.

  2. Good luck on your plans for losing weight. I don't know what the 5/2 diet is but I would like to share what worked for us. Because of my husbands heart surgery I really needed to change our diet. the nutritionalist said that I was doing everything right when he left the hospital but I thought we could do more. What I ended up doing is cutting almost all the flour and sugar out of our daily diet. we both feel so much better and both of us lost weight which helps our backs (I have ongoing back problems that forced me to retire early)a great deal. cutting out flour has helped my tummy too I used to complain about stomach aches often and had the feeling it was related to wheat. It wasn't as hard to do as I thought it would be.


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