Two albums of film stars

I spotted these two books of 1930s cigarette cards in a local bric-a-brac shop weeks ago. (In case you're too young to have heard of such things, brands of cigarettes used to come with collectable cards in. If you wanted to collect the set, or your children were pestering you to give them the set, you had to keep smoking that brand.) Anyway, I hit the point where I could resist them no longer, and for £3 each they were a nice cheap thrill. Both were completely full, with the pages a little speckled and the staples rusted, but otherwise in good nick.

Whoever chose the stars to go in the books picked well, almost all of them are still big names among film fans today. I was jolly pleased to see Alice White, one of the forgotten flappers, still 'on the cards' in the 1930s.


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