Madam! Free steampunk sock knitting pattern

Here it is - the pattern for the ankle-less socks I designed to give away at my talk at Waltz on the Wye 2012.

Madam! steampunk socks

The design was inspired by a couple of friends driving past me, winding down their car window and yelling, "Look at the ankles on that!". The sock architecture is fairly conventional, and it has a cuff based on Victorian vandyke lace patterns. So if you would like some extra steamy-steam times, knit yourself a pair of these. I cannot guarantee your safety in the presence of adults...


  1. Do you also have the list of useful contacts availble please. hope you enjoy the tea

  2. Wouldn’t mind a pair of them myself, wish I could have been at your talk but I am pleased that I got to see them for myself though :)


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