Prepare to be appalled

I know lots of vintage bloggers favour Poirot, and the ITV television version is indeed a parade of art deco loveliness, but deep down I'm a Miss Marple fan. Mum used to watch the Joan Hickson versions on BBC in the 1980s, and for me she really is Miss Marple, very much like the character in the novels. I have also developed an affection for the Margaret Rutherford film versions, even though she isn't my Miss Marple. I had thought the new ITV versions were plumbing the depths rather. They dropped the 'Miss' from the title, quite sensibly so as poor Geraldine McEwan was forced to dress and act like an eccentric bag lady for the role, and then they mangled the books. (I shall never forgive them for what they did to Tommy and Tuppence, that's for sure.) I avoid the new ITV versions as much as possible.

And now I will have a new version of Miss Marple to avoid.

Disney has acquired the cinematic rights to the character, and intends to cast Jennifer Garner as a younger Miss Marple in a modern day setting – in the United States as well. And no, this is not an April Fool's joke, I am typing this on the evening of the 30th of March. Would that it were a joke. I have no doubt that Jennifer Garner would be able to play a detective very well, and I love American crime dramas on telly. Why mess around with Miss Marple to do it, though? Surely with all the changes they're making, the only common point is that both characters are female?

Bah. Bah to it all. At least I have Poirot on ITV3 and Miss Marple on Alibi, plus lots of good crime and thrillers on Radio 7*.

*I'll save my rant about Radio 7 becoming Radio 4 Extra for another day...


  1. I know, I read that in the morning paper and my coffee went down the wrong way! Next they will make a cartoon character out of Miss Marple.

  2. I read this too! Miss Marple is Alias! I'm looking forward to the stunt work! Hahaha! Personally, I didn't like Joan Hickson so much (too dour) - I liked Geraldine McEwan's twinkle and mischief which I think in keeping with the written character ..... the lastest woman is awfully dreary and below-stairs-ish - more Mrs. Bridges than Jane Marple.

    Jumping the gun on your Radio 7 rant (easily my fave station), I know I know! All I can think is How Much Does This Rebranding Cost? and Why? Why? Why?

    Sorry for essay!

  3. I too am a Marple fan. If they want to make a move - GREAT! BUT there are so many other, more apt actresses out there... Judy Dench... Helen Mirren.. Prunella Scales... the list goes on. Boo hiss to modernity!

  4. Mrs Exeter, I suspect it's going to become more 'modern' and 'relevant' (in other words, be rather more shallow and have fewer of the things I like about Radio 7). The thing they were pushing in an advert on Radio 4 this morning is a series of programmes all about various characters from The Archers. Even Mr Robot thinks that's a bad idea, and he listens to The Archers omnibus every Sunday.


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