Charleston! and bobs

One of the good pieces of advice I've been given is always to do something you've wanted to do for a landmark birthday. As a result I spent most of the year I turned 30 with pastel blue hair. For my 40th, just under three years off, I've been planning to go to Burgh Island and dance the Charleston. However, it would be a shame to get there and not know how to do it, so I was really pleased to see Mrs Stokes is hosting Charleston and Cake on the 4th of June. Eat cake, learn to Charleston. What could be more perfect? Like all Mrs Stokes events to date, it'll be held in Bath, and I'm definitely going.

(Mr Robot did tell me he'd take me to Burgh Island if I could get into my (1930s) wedding dress again, but that would require the loss of two and a half stone so nuts to him, I'll save up and pay for both of us myself.)

Now comes another dilemma. To bob, or not to bob? I had my hair bobbed through most of my 20s, and to be honest it's the only vintage hairstyle that's ever worked for me because I never needed to do anything with it. It naturally had just the right shape. In fact, it's the only hairstyle I've ever had that's been stylish, as my other style is 'uncut'. It's nice hair, but 'uncut' is definitely not a style. Will a bob look ridiculous with clothes from other eras? Should I care?

If I do get it done, it will be after Waltz on the Wye as I want to put my hair in a bun for the ball, so I have lots of time to mull this over.

Images: Top is Joan Crawford in the 1928 film Our Dancing Daughters.
Below is Colleen Moore (the actress who turned the bob from a high-fashion look into a craze all across the US) in the 1929 film Why Be Good?


  1. A bob is never out of fashion IMO...and the Charlot is easy once you know how.

  2. Jan, you haven't seen my pitiful attempts at dancing. Still, a poor Charleston would still be a Charleston!

  3. I agree a bob is never out of fashion.

  4. A bob with a fringe, or without one? They are very twenties, as you know ;-) x

  5. Definitely with a fringe, Lady Cherry - I've always gone for a centre-parted blunt bob. Might go for a side parting this time, though, as it can be waved for more of a 30s look then.


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