Radio: Miss Marple and a noir serial

Calling all radio fans! The Crime Catch-Up on Radio 7 tomorrow from 2:30 to 5pm is The Murder in the Vicarage, starring June Whitfield as Miss Marple. By then I’m hoping to be settled in for two and a half hours of knitting and listening, although for me Joan Hickson was Miss Marple and I’ll probably spend the entire broadcast waiting for Terry Scott to pop up.

Next week, the 8:30 to 9pm slot is Devil in a Blue Dress, Walter Mosley’s 1950s-set noir thriller – doing the detective work is African-American sleuth Easy Rawlings. If you haven’t come across Mosley’s work before, I definitely recommend it.

Oh, and for one last thing, mai trumpit, i bloez it: this is my latest pattern for Simply Knitting. (Magazine currently on sale in the UK.) I had a Horrockses dress in mind rather than peach chiffon when I designed this silk gloves and fascinator set, picturing them with something full but sleek, but I've already had someone tell me they're making them.


  1. Thanks for this - I think June does rather well as JM, but it's Patsy and Eddie I'm waiting for rather than Terry!

    I love those pretty pretty gloves - you are so clever!

  2. Ooooh I will have to get my hands on a copy! Love the pattern!


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