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I love reading about the ways other people enjoy vintage. (Usually they seem so much more exciting than my own – Mr Robot reckons I'm a Hobbit, and I fear he is right.) Many of the blogs I read are clothes-focussed, which is fab as I'm still working on building a day-to-day wardrobe and all those hints and tips are really handy.

My own everyday vintage things are music, books, knitting and perfume. The perfume may seem odd, but I'm a fiend for it and can't leave the house without it. Today, for example, I'm wearing Grossmith's Hasu-no-Hana. Carrying my own atmosphere really gives me a great sense of wellbeing. My music sees me through work and the gym – usually 1920s through to 1940s as the speed keeps me upbeat at work and padding away on the treadmill. Reading and knitting are for home. The knitting will, eventually, give me more of a vintage look, but for me that's window dressing in a way, the most important bits of my vintage life are those quiet activities, the things I mostly enjoy by myself.

So, what's your everyday vintage? Do you have to have just the right homewares, and spend your day tidying up your period treasures? Are you a keen dancer who can't let the week pass by without a bit of Lindy Hop or swing or Charleston, and who spends days anticipating the time you can hit the dancefloor? Are you a fashion vixen, who loves to wear vintage and repro from morning to night (when, of course, only the finest retro pyjamas or frilly nighties will do)? I'd love to know, so respond or blog!


  1. I'd love to try those perfumes, but they are quite expensive (for me). I mix vintage in with modern in all my life - books, cookware, clothes, music. It is nice to have a mix of old and new in everything x

  2. I only have samples - Mr R bought me a load of samples for Christmas. (If you're ever in Fortnums, they have them on the perfume floor, plus a fab display of Caron urns.)

  3. My vintage is mostly in my activities - lots of baking, knitting, sewing and even some spinning...
    Having said that, I am planning a couple of jumpers from A Stitch in Time Vols 1 & 2. Just need to find more knitting time to make that actually happen!

  4. Stationery. If you want my Parker 51 fountain pen you will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers, and I love buying vintagey notebooks and writing paper.


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