Forgotten Bombshells: Chili Bouchier

Woo, hot Chili! (Click for pic.)

Chili Bouchier, born Dorothy Boucher in 1909, was a British film actress who started her career in the dying days of silents after winning a Daily Mail competition to be a film star. She was the first British cinematic sex symbol.

Dorothy started out as a model at Harrods, although she got sacked after a fling with a trainee manager. (In true bombshell style, she said it was worth it.) She got her nickname, Chili, while working at Harrods – it comes from the then-popular song 'Chili Bom Bom'. It was the name she started her acting career under, and apart from a few films in the 1930s under the name of Dorothy, she mainly used Chili to the end. Given the not-so-catchy title of 'The British Girl With It!', she made the bulk of her films in the 1930s, although her final one was released in 1960.

Chili did write her autobiography, Shooting Star, and secondhand copies come up for sale on Amazon pretty regularly although I don't own a copy.

A true 20th century lady, Chili Bouchier passed away in 1999.

Glad to see the back of her?

Yes, this is Dial-a-Hottie…

Hopefully this will be the first entry in a series on bombshells and beefcake people might not know about – because glamour is too good to be allowed to fade!


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