My first go-go lesson

A blonde woman dancing the twist very energetically

I had my first go-go lesson over Zoom yesterday. (As I mentioned before, it's a class run by the Meyer Dancers.) Afterwards I had two main observations:

1: It was tremendous fun.

2: I don't sweat so hard on the crosstrainer at the gym. It's one serious workout!

If you've been reading this blog for some time you'll know I had burlesque lessons a few years ago. Because of that, both the warm-up routine before the class and the cooldown afterwards incorporated moves I was familiar with. 

After the warm-up we learned a step called 'the pony', which I am rubbish at. That's okay; I'm well aware how poorly co-ordinated I am. Because my co-ordination's poor, I tended to do slower stuff at burlesque. You can't do that with go-go. I'll just have to try to practise the pony around the house before the next class. This was also the sweaty part. Stepping rapidly is great cardiovascular exercise, as good as jogging. We ponied from side to side, around in a circle, and back and forth. 

The meaty bit of the lesson was next, learning the first half of a routine to 'Chick Habit' by April March (the song uses the tune of 'Laisse tomber les filles', written by Serge Gainsbourg and recorded by France Galle in 1964). I actually found it easier to do the moves with music playing. 

Then it was the cooldown. I felt the exercise in the back of one leg straight after the class, and today my shoulders and neck have been a little stiff but not sore. Given how out of dance practice I am, that's not bad. 

I really enjoyed the class and am very much looking forward to the next one. Doing it through Zoom meant I didn't feel self-conscious at all. My wiggles aren't great and my pony's worse, but I signed up because I wanted to learn and have a way to get a little more exercise that didn't involve the gym or leaving the house – we'll probably be all locked down again by the end of October – and it was fun. At 46, I'm not going to be troubling any nightclub podiums. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to practise my pony...


  1. Oh brave Mim!

    What a great way to exercise. My cousin at 67 has just started tap dancing classes!

    Keep on ponying...

  2. As I'm poorly co-ordinated too, I cannot imagine doing the pony, let alone half of a routine. The image of a slide of my gymnastics group doing a routine when I was about 12, with me the only one facing the other direction is flashing before my eyes! The main thing is that you enjoyed it and didn't feel self-conscious. Now off you trot to practice that pony :-) xxx

  3. Oh! I know how to do the Pony! I loathe in-person classes - they are just not my thing! - but I could get on board with a Zoom class. Not that I!

    I've been trying to push myself to go harder on my walks, and I've been doing a yoga routine regularly, to keep my back/upper shoulders strong. I can plank for about 30 seconds, which doesn't sound like much, but feels like a LOT when you are counting!


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